Welcomes and Worthiness

Hello to everyone stopping by from Conversion Diary. Wasn’t that the nicest post you’ve ever read about someone’s blog? I’m still blushing. Thankfully, my kids have no idea about the online world I inhabit and so, lest my head get too swollen, they made sure to keep me humble after all of Jen’s kind words. Read More

How A Downloadable Planner Did Not Magically Transform My Life

I started with the perfect curriculum, and a less than perfect first day, but ultimately felt that this would be the fall I would not have a melt down. And then I lost the nursing care. But, I’m not panicking, too much. In the past, I couldn’t set priorities because I felt it all had Read More

{SQT} Oozing Classiness

This post is designated ‘downer free’. It is guaranteed to contain at least 85 percent joy and humor, some bordering on ridiculous, with only 15 percent filler, and maybe a smattering of MSG. In fact I’m going to dedicate the majority of this post to a spectacular family heirloom of mine that always brings a Read More

Nursing Care Update Tonight. Less Heavy Tomorrow.

If you’ve never read the New Jersey Administrative Code, I don’t suggest you start now. Let’s just say it’s not light reading that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling after a few hours snuggled up close together. In my search for answers about nursing coverage, it was help in a dry, headache inducing Read More

How To Dine Out With Small Children And Not Die

I know you’re all wondering how we’re weathering the insurance/nursing “snafu” but I don’t have much to report, except that no one is begging to pay for 35 hours a week of skilled nursing care in these parts. I will say the nursing agency called me and admitted the mistake was theirs, apologized and offered Read More

{SQT} Vanilla Ice, Ice Cream With My Birthday Cake

Yo VIP! Let’s kick it! 1. Wednesday, I turned 34. Thursday, my oldest turned 10. I celebrated by putting on my big girl britches and not crying on the phone with the nursing agency and Fulton’s insurance case manager. Who earned herself some pumpkin spice liquor? This gal! My efforts have earned me the hope Read More

{p,h,f,r} The Best Of The Rest

First a shout out to Grace who was nice enough to link to my blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice her kind gesture until after I hastily  jumped online and posted a real downer of a prayer request. After hitting publish I noticed more than 12 people had been to my site. I hope that all Read More

Prayer Request

Just jumping on this afternoon to make a very heartfelt request. Today’s my birthday, and it was supposed to be a fun day of mimosa,  a homeschool playdate and sushi for dinner. And while the mimosa and playdate were fun, they were overshadowed by the news that I am scheduled to lose Fulton’s in-home nursing Read More

Single Mom Attempt and Fail; The Final Hours

I know you’re all sick to death of hearing about my life sans husband, but thankfully, for all of us, he gets back tonight! Yay! Everyone is excited about Papa’s return; so excited in fact that we were all awake by 5:30 a.m. Even the roosters couldn’t believe it. Hopefully I will still have some Read More

Awesome Online Elementary Homeschooling Resources

    Here in no husband land, we’re still narrowly avoiding the nighttime zombies and mama’s pre-dinner meltdown. I’m down to my last quarter box o’wine with four days to go. Can’t…hold…on…much…longer…. I’m seriously considering  dragging around a king-sized pillow drapped in one of his dirty t-shirts. I’m definitely not a poster child for moms that excel Read More

To Be Or Not To Be…A Godparent’s Commitment

Despite the absence of it’s head, the household has been generally cheerful these last two days. Of course the internet connection between here and Poland works as speedily as those free disks from AOL, so our video chats are choppy at best. Two of the three times the video from Tony’s end was completely non-existent. Read More

The Greater Threat: My Imagination Or Polish Women?

I am both overwhelmingly excited and undeniably terrified. I don’t know whether to smile or puke. Tomorrow, I am driving my husband to the airport so he can embark on his first trip overseas for six. whole. days. SIX! Maybe you remember what happened last time the love of my life went away without me. Read More

{SQT} Gratuitous use of air quotes, parenthesis and the words “awesome” and “bacon”.

Wow, it’s Friday again. Not sure whether I should be happy that the weekend is here or totally spazzing out because the week is over and there’s a lot left on my to do list. Around the blogospere in general it seems many moms are easing back into homeschooling through tears, gritted teeth and coffee before Read More

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