Papalopoly! Because What Could Be More Entertaining Than A Game About The Papacy?!

Is everyday life not providing enough excitement between conclave votes? Does EWTN’s live coverage still leave you wanting something more? Just because the cardinals haven’t elected a new pope doesn’t mean Catholics can’t enjoy the papacy! Introducing Papalopoly!

Click on me to download your own copy!!

Part Monopoly rip off, part reality show, it’s the game that makes you feel like you’re in the seat of Peter! Put on your red shoes and feel the excitement as you travel around Vatican city, take a ride in the Popemobile and ultimately, receive your final judgement at the pearly gates! Will you earn admittance or will your forefather St. Peter hang his head in shame?

Pick a name card and use any small chokeable object as your game piece. Then roll the die and move around the board, but watch out for the sin squares! Even popes need to go to confession,  so lose a turn while you examine your conscience.  Land on the keys of St. Peter and pick a card! Will you move forward towards heaven or will Satan drag you back?

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Click to download your own copy!!

Fun, educational and guaranteed to kill the hours until the white smoke bloweth!

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Haven’t you downloaded it yet?

So act now while supplies last and your kids’ interest is unusually high in the papacy! This offer is not available in stores…for some unknown reason.


  1. Love it! I’ll be downloading it even though I don’t have kids at home. At first I thought it was going to be a conclave game but this has ever so much more staying power.

  2. So… I’m seriously considering editing a few of these and using this for youth group tonight when we talk about the papacy. Could you post the two that are currently pdfs as word documents so I can change some of them? (some would take a little too much explaining for the amount of time we have… getting us off talking about the inquisition, etc.) Thanks for the idea!

    1. I would prefer my documents not be changed, however, it would be easy to create a table in a Word Document and make a few of your own cards to substitute for some of mine. Have fun playing!

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