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So we’re home and life is picking right up where it left off. However, I’m continually surprised because I keep thinking it’s Monday. I’m making this post a double linky (if such a term exists.) Right before Fulton’s hospital stay, we hosted our annual Nativity of St. John the Baptist party. Some people open their homes for the Superbowl, others for a Fourth of July cookout, but for us, it’s all about tracking down the most popular medieval feast days and recreating them. Which just usually means lots of beer, a priest on hand and a huge blazing bonfire. I didn’t take as many pictures as usual but the few I did take bear mentioning.


I’m linking up this post with Amongst Lovely Things and their Making It Count Tuesday because my party centerpiece was based on this Pinterest inspired watermelon. She is a thing of beauty. Cue John Williams music…


And my interpretation.


I promised the kids I would make them a Death Star watermelon, and despite being sick on the day of the party and with guests already arriving, I set to work on this thing. I went with the partially reconstructed Death Star look in order to scoop out the fruit from inside. The chickens managed to hollow out the remains the following day.


Yay, Fulton came home from the hospital in time to celebrate his fourth birthday! No more photos with a tube in his nose. Let the crazy family posing begin. And the icing on the cake is that Fulton’s namesake, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was declared Venerable  today. Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us!


There’s a tree in our yard that has blocked the view of the bonfire pit from the back of the house since we moved in. This tree has tasked my husband for years. He’s had numerous opportunities to cut it down but he waited until the day before our party to do so. And he did it with an axe. And he demanded I take a picture. I’m not exaggerating. He refused to move the fallen tree until I documented his manliness. So now, I present you with my husband, slayer of trees and hacker of branches. Sorry Playgirl, he’s not interested in a centerfold.



“C’mon Fulton, let’s take a picture of you and mama on your birthday!”  *Click*

I’m pretty sure he’s thinking about all the cute young nurses that were waiting on him hand and foot over the last three days at the hospital. Poor mama just can’t compete.

With the surgery out-of-the-way, and July around the corner I’m finally really excited about summer. If you’re staying inside and trying to stay cool, be sure to check out the rest of the {p,h,f,r} submissions at Like Mother, Like Daughter and also all the great completed projects at Amongst Lovely Things.


  1. Death star watermelon! That’s great stuff! I love the pictures I find on your blog.
    Using a chainsaw or some other kind of saw would have been quicker, but much less satisfying. It feels good to hack away at stuff with an axe.

  2. The watermelon is beautiful – good job! I’m glad your boy is over with his surgery and now can enjoy summer, hopefully.

    (I couldn’t tell what your little thumbnail was over at Leila’s, and got intrigued!)

  3. That Death Star is great! I’ve often seen the model around, and I’d been curious what it might look like, done ‘for real’:-)

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