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Are you feelin’ it?! And that was just for the {pretty} part. That last truck has skulls for headlights; SKULLS! Maybe you noticed the SCHOOL BUS catching air? WOOOOT!! [Fist pump, fist pump, chest bump]

Okay, okay. If you’re still with me, and not rolling your eyes, let me assure you the pictures really only convey so much of the action and excitement. The Buck Motorsports Park condenses the noise of the engines, the smell of fuel hanging in the air mingled with fried concession food capped off by the gratuitous showing of tattoos. Seriously, they almost didn’t let my husband in because he wasn’t sporting one or a John Deere hat. And if you think ladies aren’t teasing their bangs anymore-you are wrong!

From the front row of bleachers and the special handicap viewing deck , Fulton, and our whole family, watched the destruction of cars, most in surprisingly better shape than our van, minus the windows. If you’ve never been to a Monster Truck Show, I highly recommend going at least once, and if you have the option, always choose the outdoor venue and bring along ear plugs.





See a pattern with his face?


Real intensity. If I would’ve touched that toy, or his ear protection or in any way taken his attention away from the show, I’m pretty sure he would have had me escorted from the premise.

If I haven’t sold you on the awesomeness of Monster Truck Shows, be sure to swing by Like Mother, Like Daughter for more beautiful and inspiring pictures of flowers, smiling children and baking.


  1. I love the change of pace of {phfr} and love the smiles on their faces!
    I’ve been to one in my life (before kids) guess I may have to consider taking them.

  2. Here from LMLD – I LOVE the monster trucks and the joy on your kids faces! I live in Arizona now, but grew up in Lancaster (my parents still go to St Anthony’s) and I’ve actually been to the Buck, although it’s not something I’d admit to most people 🙂

    1. My husband actually grew up down the road from the Buck, but never went as a child. I also grew up in Lancaster but our first trip to the Buck was once we lived in Jersey. And we always go to St. Anthony’s when we’re back in town, so maybe we passed your parents. Small world!

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