{p,h,f,r} And Theme Thursday: All About Fire

Joining all the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter and Cari for another exciting round of photos that capture the essence of the Mantoan household without any of the offensive odors.

We held a belated bonfire for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. (Flames of the Sacred Heart, get it???) If you’ve spent any time around my site you know bonfires are how we celebrate everything from first class feasts and octaves to children who finally go pee-pee on the potty. It’s all very neanderthal-esc; Tony builds a perfect fire, waves a club if the kids get too close and usually has to pull me by my hair off the computer to come outside and enjoy the festivities. He’s always right of course. Bonfires trump Facebook any day. When the kids are older, I hope they continue the bonfire tradition their father enjoys so much with their own families.




Moments like this are why Teddy is not in an orphanage. I mean, who can stay mad at that face? Spit out all the marshmallow you want after screaming for it like a banshee, I’ll forgive you always!

Adult beverages make bonfires even better. A little Benedictine with lemon lime seltzer and/or a gin and tonic  with lime are perfect for summer and soooooo refreshing you won’t even notice how many marshmallows the kids are shoveling into their mouths.

I mean, just look at Addie: she’s got a double roasting stick! Somebody sit this girl down and talk to her about gluttony…. oh wait, that would have to be me.


Clearly, I am in no position to give a gluttony talk. More chocolate chips anyone???

The sparklers reminded Fulton of force lighting so here he is shooting force lightning at some unseen foe with Papa’s help.


Edie overseeing the construction of the perfect bonfire in an oversized t-shirt and her Sunday church shoes. She’s all business here folks.

Tony reciting the Mass readings by the bonfire. That’s my heart melting, not just the chocolate.

For more Dads swing by Clan Donaldson and for moments capturing all that is {pretty, funny, happy,real} take a trip back to Like Mother, Like Daughter. I’ll catch up once I’m done cleaning marshmallow off my face.


  1. We love us a good bonfire here, and I just gave up on counting marshmallows. When the bags gone, it’s over. It absoLUTEly makes for great family time though and that’s worth it’s weight in marshmallows!
    PS Love the lightning sticks!!!

  2. That looks like an amazing time! Filing ideas away for that magical future where I have a space to light a bonfire in… well, a space that won’t get me evicted, anyway.

  3. You stick the hot marshmallow in chocolate chips? Good grief, where have I been the last 50 years????? Yum!


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