{p,h,f,r} Answers to Rhetorical Questions

A very solemn and penitential Lent to you all. Who’s still feeling the effects of cramming thousands of grams of sugar into their bodies up until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday? Withdrawal Wednesday and onto Good Intentions Thursday, followed by I Can’t Believe I Need To Fast Again Friday.

Anyway, I got my Lenten affairs in order and I should give you a heads up I’ll only be posting twice a week during Lent, and not on Fridays. So if your sun rises and sets on my Quick Takes, I’m sorry. (I don’t really believe it does for most, but if you happen to be my solitary stalker I feel like I should give you fair warning.) And it’s not because I used up all my funny blogging ideas in February…no, way….uh… I’ve still got lots of great material in the ol’ drafts folder I can’t wait to pull out. (The fact that I’m reduced to using adjectives like ol’ should not be construed as a red flag. Kelly’s still got it!)

On tap for today is random pics from our Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Pancake Day / Faschnaut Day, interspersed with my answers to questions readers have left me. Some bloggers have a Q & A page, but I thought I could just tackle some of them in a post. If I didn’t answer your questions, be sure to leave it in the comments and I’ll get back to you or harvest it at some future time for another post COUGH writersblock COUGH.


photo 3 (5)
Mardi gras masks. Fun to look at, but only fun to wear if you like glitter in your eyes; sharp, painful glitter.

“Canadian bacon? What a joke. Ammiright??” – Jenna

Absolutely. No one in their right mind likes Canadian bacon unless it’s on Eggs Benedict. I have it on authority from an actual Canadian, that they don’t like it much up north either.

“My word, are your kids really good actors or are they just used to your antics?” -Christine

I bribe my children with food, money, a reduction in school work on an increase in computer time to get their assistance; Addie being the most cooperative, and Byron the least. I had to pay Addie a whole dollar to get her to take my cover photo for Livin’ #2 cause it was like, ten degrees out.


photo 4 (3)
Crepes for dinner and dessert. Oh la la! We’re fancy now; eating with our pinkies in the air.

“Perhaaaaaps as an april fool’s joke for your blog this year, you might consider putting together some [Stich Fixings] boxes for auction? It would be epic. Make it a homeschool assignment for the kids?” -Rosie

While funny, that actually sounds like a lot of work, and I don’t think I have enough cash on hand to motivate the kids to participate in that, even for home economics (or is it “consumer sciences” now?) credit. Maybe everyone could send me more boxes of clothes and I’ll post them. Seriously, I’ll wear anything you send (except a string bikini). Whadaya say?

“I think I’ve asked this before: I own that dress. What shoes do you wear with it?” -Jen

You have, but I don’t know if I answered so BOOKMARK THIS POST, then you’ll never forget. I wear knee-high brown leather boots.


photo 2 (7)
Pancake flipping contest which everyone hated. So sorry for trying to inject some fun into your day children!

“What can’t pudding cure? -Andrea”

Tetanus, polio, measles, venereal disease; quite a lot actually. Please make sure you see a doctor for those things.

“Do you want me to die of laughter? -Heather”

No. I’m pretty sure that would be a mortal sin. Also, I don’t have a large readership so any time I lose someone, it leaves a gaping hole in my stats….I mean heart.


glitter hands
GLITTER FOR DAYS!!!! Putting it under lock and key until next year.


“If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow, right? -Francine”

You can just leave now. Gaping hole be damned.

“Once someone starts reading your blog, is there a way to stop… like, for dinner? -Nancy”

I pretty sure there’s a 12 step program out there somewhere that can help you.

“This Kelly lady *SAYS* she lives in New Jersey, but how do we really know that? -Micaela”

Surveillance? Hire a private detective? Become a stalker? Where there’s a will there’s a way!

That should cover the basics. Did I leave out anything important? While you’re pondering that, be sure to swing back to Like Mother, Like Daughter for prettier pics and better answers to all the problems pudding can’t cure….except malaria. Seriously, you need a doctor for that.


  1. I say force the kids to make their own money (personal finance class) and walk to goodwill (gym class) to buy clothes (calculating tax – math!), then have them stage photo shoots (photography class) and write guest blog posts for you (english class). OH! And they could study the historical time period the clothes are from! I’m pretty sure you could cover most, if not all, of your homeschool subjects with this one assignment.

  2. Looks like even the PLATE has an air pinkie. That’s the classiest of the classy, right there in green marker.

  3. I like Canadian bacon, more properly called peameal bacon. It’s good on a bun. I’m pretty sure I’m Canadian- observe the snowdrifts.

    A friend of mine, who went to Baylor, convinced some of his friends that Canada became Communist back in the Seventies. That’s why the flag is white for snow, and red for Communism.

    I love that story.

  4. A restaurant where I worked way back when had a version of Eggs Benedict called Princess Eggs…instead of Canadian Bacon they used 1/2 inch slices of grilled Filet Mignon…then the eggs and Hollandaise sauce all on a lovey toasted English Muffin…oh yum…they were THE best breakfast I ever paid a fortune for : )

  5. My daughter and I have recently discovered your blog and are delighted. She is twelve, and your zany yet deadpan sense of humor is right up her alley! It is fun to share with her. I think you have a gift for humor and joy in the midst of regular, non-glamorous life ( and I mean none of us has a glamorous life, providing for the needs of our families and homes). I have some special dietary needs which make eating outside my home and even taking communion very tricky. It is often frustrating and humiliating; it would be so easy to just be “normal”. yet it is often through other people’s care for my restrictions that I find the Lord loving me. I think I understand just a tiny bit of what you might feel about the limits and special needs of your family. I think you are awesome and I’m sure our Lord is so pleased with your loving efforts. Thanks for all you share on this blog!

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