{p,h,f,r} Enjoying Every Moment Stuck Inside My House

It’s been a week of feasts here at the Mantoan crib. From stuffed shoes, to waking up extra early to make baked goods, to the yearly conversation I have with my husband on how we’re not using real candles in the St. Lucy crown. And crafts, oh so many crafts. So many wonderful traditions I’ve locked myself into. But it’s okay, that nasty cold bug is still running through the house so it’s not like we’re going anywhere or interacting with anyone, ever… And it’s great, great, GREAT spending all this QUALITY TIME with my kids and enabling them to create meaningful childhood memories they’ll take with them to counseling. (Remember how I said I was going to offer up stuff this Advent for the conversion of a certain person? You don’t? WELL GOD DOES. Thank you Lord for continuing to teach me the meaning of humility and dying to oneself, Amen.)

{pretty} Addie’s middle name is Lucille so todays her special day. That means Mass with Papa in the morning and St. Lucy cake for breakfast. My husband wrote a nice blog post on St. Lucy and our family’s traditions, but don’t go expecting a recipe. It’s a family secret that I’ve been sworn to protect. However, if I can ever recreate its awesomeness in gluten-free form, I’ll let you know.

These are safe electric candles that will not burn our house down.

{happy} Sunday the 9th was the 33rd anniversary of the death of Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Thus far, the only way we mark this day is by attempting to play a recording of one of Sheen’s talks until Teddy’s screaming compels us to stop. Fulton’s middle name is Ambrose, so Dec. 7th we typically get baklava in honor of the honey-tongued saint. This year, I couldn’t find the baklava, so the kids begrudgingly settled for extra-large servings of ice cream, with sprinkles. I just closed my eyes and let them go to town with the sprinkles.

Flashback shot from our Dec. 2009 trip to visit the tomb of Arbp. Sheen in St. Patrick’s cathedral in NYC.


{funny} Every year St. Nick leaves nuts in the kids shoes, even though I don’t think any of the kids are fond of nuts. However, they do love shelling all the walnuts and making boats. Walnut shell boats for the tub, the bathroom sink (upstairs and down) and any stray glassware.

It’s okay girls, I wasn’t going to drink that. Go ahead and float a nutshell in it.


{real} With all this liturgical crafting and feasting going on, something has to give around here.

If you had to choose between baking Mexican cookies for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe or the laundry which would you choose?


Whether you’re quietly preparing for the arrival of Christmas, or up to your elbows in glitter, be sure to swing by Like Mother, Like Daughter for the rest of this weeks {pretty, happy, funny, real} posts. Then you can return refreshed to the task of writing out your Christmas cards, or avoiding your Christmas cards. Whichever.


    1. I’d like to say the secret to my success is my Wheelmate Laptop Deck but alas, I can only hope Santa brings me one of those. Do you think you can fold laundry on it? Cause if you can I am in business!

  1. I was wondering what we would do to celebrate Fulton Sheen’s feast day. Since we live in central Illinois we could probably eat at the bar which is now located at his birthplace in El Paso and then head to the Fulton Sheen Museum in downtown Peoria and go to Mass at the Cathedral where he served and was ordained. But I guess I want something food related. He didn’t care for food or chopsticks, so those are both out. Hmmmm…

  2. You crack me up! We had a St. Lucy playdate this morning with another family…started with saffron buns, ended with my Lucia getting pushed down the stairs and an almost-black eye. So she can join your kids in their group counseling sessions.

  3. Love the look of your cake-y ring thing 🙂 It’s been a pre-Chrimbo deep clean here. Gotta get the decorations up soon; at least the house now smells of fresh Lebkuchen.

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