{p,h,f,r} Entertaining

This week we are entertaining my husband’s brother and family from Wisconsin. The cousins quickly create adventures to fill the days, picking up where they left off a year ago.  Of course a shore trip was inevitable, multiple games of Stratigo plus one long ongoing game of Risk, lots of talking smack amongst the men folk and many nights of going to bed late and dropping quickly into an exhausted summer sleep. Tonight we’ll hopefully get a bonfire in (I know, total shock) and tomorrow my husband’s oldest brother will drive up from Virginia to join the fun. It will the first time all of us have been together since Tony’s grandmother died last year, and the first we’re hosting everyone. Despite the sunburn, periodic childhood spats and glut of ice cream, it is everything a family reunion should be. Maybe someday we’ll all be geographically closer, but until then, we’re making the most of the time we have.


Edie, who was shortchanged by a low camera battery last week.


Fulton, who agreed to acknowledge his love of the beach.


Tony and Teddy taking a couple of moments to work in the kitchen.


It’s not just a lemonade stand, it’s a travelling bazaar! My father-in-law constructed a lemonade stand on a wagon for the kids to pull around in the neighboring development. They took it one step further by making jewelry, homemade crayons and shinky dinks to sell, plus then added a box of free goodies to entice buyers. The dads chaperoned, but hung really far back so as to not be associated with the screaming children. Oh, and Byron took his electronics kit and hooked it up to play an annoying song over and over, like an ice cream truck, to help garner attention.

They made a dollar.


And because the gorgeous sunsets just keep coming I leave you with this. But look I added a spiritual quote to keep it fresh!


And it that doesn’t inspire you, be sure to head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {pretty, happy, funny, real} photos.


  1. Love the lemonade stand but bummed that they only made a dollar. And that sunset is awesome. God is good! Blessings, Deanna

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