{p,h,f,r} exhaustion

Memorial Day weekend kicked my butt this year. We cooked out Saturday, Sunday and Monday, hosting twice and traveling once. We’re blessed to have such great family and friends but man, I am still seriously sleep deprived. Curiously, Teddy and the rest of the kids have been invigorated by the past weekend’s activities and continue to wake up at 6 a.m. screaming for more fun and excitement. The first picture is of me with my three college roommates. I look ready to pass out. I’m only supported by the deck railing and my friend on the left. But what a great time we had. Old photos, good laughs and all the kids ran around the yard having fun for hours. You know you’re old when an afternoon with your college friends wipes you out more than a whole weekend of bar-hopping with them used to. Interesting fact; I have the same amount of kids as three of them combined. If you would have told me that when we were all roomies, I would have laughed my men’s pants and black t-shirt right off.


{pretty} & {happy}



This is Fulton pointing a sword at me and giving his best pirate face. He asked me to take his picture, which he never does, so I couldn’t resist. Arrrrrrr matey! Teach me some Latin!!!



Since I started participating in the {p,h,f,r} meme, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to include a photo that captured the awesome sunsets we are privy to here. (We also get great sunrises but don’t expect a picture of one of those until December.) Even these pictures don’t do the view justice, but I liked the neat rows of tomato seedlings in the foreground.




And that’s about it. Be sure to head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {p,h,f,r}. I’m going back to bed.

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