{p,h,f,r} I’m Baaaaaaccckkk, From The Beach

February, you don’t own me! I am the master of my own destiny and you know what? I’m going to the beach! I refuse to be held a slave inside my house any longer! So take that, grey winter days and smothering cabin fever; I am taking some of life’s marrow and sucking it!

Okay, maybe that’s a little overly dramatic, but Monday I had a craving that could only be cured by cowbell or the beach and since I was all out of cowbell, the beach it was. Thank goodness it’s only a 45 minute drive. One of the benefits to homeschooling in Jersey means shore “field trips” on nice days when it’s only you and the gulls. I even took my good camera. So nice to be able to have something besides Instagram selfies to take and share.


photo (14)
Lone Instagram shot.





Don’t let his face fool you, he was loving every minute of it. I was just glad I could actually drag that adaptive stroller onto the beach, otherwise…well, I never planned that far in advance so, yay for things actually working out as anticipated!



The boardwalk is ours, all ours, mwhahahahaha!
Just perpetuating the stereotype that homeschoolers are trend setters.


“No you may not take them all home! Here let’s make a display and I’ll take a photo. That will make everyone* happy right?”
*Everyone = only me.



Now back to our usually scheduled dreary winter days and sibling throat tearing. But first, let’s check the weather at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Leila?
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  1. Thank you for the beach “fix” via pix! I so needed that! The Women’s Retreat at O.C. is only five weeks away!

  2. Love the pictures of the kids enjoying their field trip — I bet they needed it as much as Mom!

  3. Those “THAT’S IT! We’re going on a field trip before we all kill each other!” days are, perversely, my favorite thing about homeschooling. We used to have a membership to the Science Museum in Boston, and when things got REALLY bad, I’d throw all of us in the car for one of those jaunts.

  4. Ahh, a real beach. We live next to the Mighty Mississippi. Not a real beach anywhere, unless you don’t mind finding tangled fishing line, empty beer bottles, broken styrofoam coolers, and dead fish. And the occasional creepy guy sitting in a nearby parking lot in his pick-up. We’ve had snow 3 days in a row and probably a foot on the ground now. No cotton pickin’ sun for days and days! My kids are outside living it up and I am dreaming of warm places. Even though your beach trip didn’t look very warm, it looked very inviting. Thanks for sharing!!


  5. when you are ready for a real (long) roadtrip, pack up and come to Florida! We live between Dayton and Cocoa Beach — so beach days are wonderful and we love them! Plus we are close to Orlando …

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