{p,h,f,r} Inst-y Edition

Continuous efforts to bloat my Instagram feed have revealed the painful truth; everyone I associate with online lives in a more photogenic house then me. And they get out more. Okay, I escape my digs occasionally, but so far I’ve found little inspiration at play practice, the grocery store or Fulton’s therapy appointments.

But, with quantity comes some quality so I did pull these pics from my Instagram feed in the desperate hopes of maintaining my readership through an otherwise slow week.  (Come follow me on Instagram if you don’t like words. I follow back unless you only have six scantily clad photos of yourself posted with a bio that reads “I like to chat,” theeeennnnn, no.) And for those of you who do follow me on Instagram, I’m going to throw in some more witty commentary to keep you interested….no wait, come back, I’ll skip the commentary, promise!

Let’s get started with…





Upon his arrival, St. Nick was amused to find a voodoo doll in his likeness waiting by the milk and cookies.

{still funny}

It’s Bambi as you’ve never seen him before.


This photos documents the hard work and generosity of several people, some complete strangers to our family, who came together in order to get Fulton a hospital bed, for free. Never before has our family been so excited to make room for a massive piece of medical equipment,


And although this bed was a great blessing to us, I know Leila is glad to be out of one. Be sure to stop by and wish her the best before checking out the rest of the {p,h,f,r} linkys at Like Mother, Like Daughter. 

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  1. Where does one find such a, um, stunning tri-bambie footed lamp? I’m only SLIGHTLY curious… 🙂

  2. I’m very glad to be out of my bed, but if you need one, I am so happy you have one for free! Wow.
    And that lamp — that is… overwhelming.

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