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Linking up again for the first time in ages with everyone at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Just so you don’t forget how I roll around here, I’m going to start off with my trademark sunset.


St. Lawrence sunsetWOOT!

I think it’s very fitting that on the feast of St. Lawrence the sky at dusk resembled a flaming gridiron. I mean, sort of… try squinting. We grilled, waved some sparklers, but held off on the bonfire until the Vigil of the Assumption.


photo (38)

We went to the Academy of Natural Sciences again this week and Teddy manhandled all the animal skins once I assured him that they, like everything else, were dead. Thankfully, Fulton kept asking what was dead and what was alive to reassure Teddy that nothing had changed since our last trip.

Conversation with husband upon uploading this picture.
Me: Look at this cute picture of Teddy I took at the museum.
Tony: Whatdaya know about rockin’ a fox on you your noggin!
Me: But the fox isn’t on his noggin.
Tony: Well, if I’d have been there, I’d have put the fox on his noggin.


photo (39)

I know, grainy blob of a picture. I’m breaking every rule about what types of pictures you should publish on your blog Ā BUT let me explain. They have this booth at the museum where you step in front of a green screen and on a monitor to the side, you can see yourself surrounded by dinosaurs. There’s also a large TV screen outside the booth where other people (a.k.a. moms taking pictures with iPods) can see the footage. So that’s why I have this shot of Fulton screaming at an ApatosaurusĀ (or is it a Brontosaurus?) preparing to trample him. He was totally hogging the booth, but who’s going to tell a kid in a wheelchair his time is up? Live it up Fulton! That preschool day camp has all the time in the world.

(Don’t worry, with a little prodding, Ā Fulton did move along to the animatronicĀ Velociraptor where he sat for twenty minutes asking it questions and mimicking its facial expressions.)


We’ve had some visitors on our back deck the last several nights.

First, Mirkwood spiders.

photo (41)
Then Mothra.

photo (40)

I made Tony take out the trash last night for fear of running into this guy.

photo (42)

Just another side of country life a guess… one you won’t see played up in Hobby Farm magazine that’s for sure.
For more pictures capturing the essence of pretty, happy, funny and really horrifying things, be sure to swing back to Like Mother, Like Daughter.


  1. I thought that last picture was going to be a banana slug for a moment! (My college’s mascot is the fighting banana slug and no, I am not making it up!)

  2. I kid you not, my 3am brain momentarily processed that moth as one of the frilled dinosaurs from Jurassic Park peeking out of a margarita bucket. Bracing!

  3. LOVE that picture of Teddy – I scrolled down and it was just his adorable face and then I scrolled down some more and BAM! Dead fox! Makes it so much better šŸ™‚ And Fulton’s expression in that picture is amazing!

  4. Love the pictures! We had a Mirkwood spider take up residence outside one of our living room windows conveniently located in-between the window and my porch swing. Humongous web and gigantic spider! My 3 year old son became absolutely fascinated with it. I decided to leave it there as a sort of preschool home school pet…and it would have totally tried to eat me had I stepped out on the front porch. Luckily – we had a wicked storm roll through our area that wiped out 8 of our trees and the spider. Worth it.

  5. Giant moth…ew. Spider…EW! Really cute kid holding dead fox skin…awww! Kid feigning terror in a dinosaur attack… AWESOME!!!

  6. Between the spider..aaghhh, and the moth I wouldn’t be outside until the snow flew. And I grew up on a farm.

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