{p,h,f,r} Schoolroom Makeover

I finally got the school room cleaned, redecorated and reorganized last weekend. Now all our school books are catalogued by the Dewey decimal system (as Tony always wisely suggested) instead of alphabetically by title. And hopefully, I won’t have anyone asking “Where are the quills and ink bottles?” for a few weeks at least. 



Of course the non-fiction is still alphabetical by author. I love the beautiful letter crests I found at a garage sale for 25 cents a piece. I let Addie and Edie paint the ceiling fresco; can you spot where they hid their initials and a picture of the cat??



When Tony brought home the velvet rope from work that “they were just going to throw away” I knew I’d eventually find a place for it somewhere. Here you see it protecting our antique first edition wing from prying little hands. Most of these books will be off limits for the next two to three years until our children enter high school.



I told Tony we didn’t need so many desks but when he found them on clerance  at Walmart, he just couldn’t say no. He jokes that we’re prepared in case we ever want to host our own co-op. As a bonus, I was able to up-cycle all the lamps from supplies  I had lying around the house. I knew there was a good reason to save all those old ink blotters!



Certainly the highlight has to be our completely re-done classics wing. We never had quite the right place for that painting Addie made at art camp last summer, but I feel this setting does the piece, and our love of good books, justice. I’m not quite sure if I’ll leave the grand piano in here, or replace it with our harpsichord.

It was an exhausting process, and there’s still some finishing touches I’ve been completing through the week, but overall I’m pleased with how things turned out. Now that you’ve enjoyed my pictures, be sure to stop by Like Mother, Like Daughter for more Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real links!

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  1. I’m coming over to live in the schoolroom. It’s safe to assume fully stocked shelves of every liturgical book under the sun, right?

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