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Joining up with Sarah and Hallie for a recap of five (give or take a few) of my favorite posts from 2013. If you’re a new reader, or one of the few who jumped on this crazy train when it first left the station, take a stroll with me down memory lane and relive 2013 in all it’s anti-Lyceum glory.

1. Post with the most clicks:photo (60)

How To Stop Hating Facebook

Thanks to shares from Camp Patton and Like Mother, Like Daughter, this post quickly shot to the top of the charts. It was the first of my web tutorial type posts overloaded with screen shots and blurred out names. I have yet to receive a thank you from Mark Zuckerberg.

2. Post with the most comments:veilbutton Veils: The Other Mass Accessory

This is a very close second to my most popular post,  thanks to a share by none other than Jen herself. Even though I tried to only offer fashion tips, the discussion on veiling took off in the comboxes.

3. Post with the best picture.

photo (7)

Can I Do Better Than This? 

I could’ve chosen some scenic beach shot, or sunset by a bonfire but somehow, I think this picture best encapsulates what this site is all about…plus it makes me snicker every time. I walk a fine line between fashionable homeschooling mom and ‘People of Wal-Mart’. In trying to follow my good friend’s advice, I think I fell a bit more into that second category.

4. The post that was the hardest to write.



Mothers Young and Old, All Are Welcome Here

There is a HUGE back story to this post, the retelling of which would land me right back in the confessional. However, to summarize, on Mother’s Day, at Mass, words were spoken that left many of us mothers at church upset, in tears or, in my case, majorly. pissed. off. I came home determined to write (or vent) something, anything, as a public reply. However, I forced myself to calm down, pray, and commit to writing something positive. The whole “moms with kids in Mass vs kids in the cry room vs leaving kids at home “argument has been beat to death. I didn’t want to start another fight, I just wanted to support those moms who left Mass that Sunday wondering if they should come back. By the time I sat down that night, this post just came out. I reread and revised it heavily to make sure it was exactly what I wanted, then I hit publish. When I shared it on Facebook the next morning it took off. I believe it is my most “viral” post to date.

5. Post that is my personal favorite:

April 1 Logo


I’m cheating a bit by listing all those I wrote for my April Fools Day Edition: Schoolroom Makeover, A Bold Fashion Statement, Addie’s Blue Ribbon Science Project, and Highlights From a Typical Week.

photo (4)

If you only view my blog in a feedreader, you might have missed my April Fools Day makeover. I changed the header and my profile picture and uploaded four posts to give my blog an entirely new look. I spent way too much time planning, writing and snapping pictures for the big reveal but I got such a laugh out of it. I still find the word “fiber” in that headshot to be hilarious!

And that’s really what this whole blogging thing is about right? Producing something you’re proud of and enjoy doing regardless of the stats, shares and followers. Even though I can’t help but continually compare my site to others, when I look back on the year, and these posts (along with many of the popular ones listed on my sidebar) I’m happy.  I could be “bigger” but I probably couldn’t be enjoying myself any more that I do now.

Thank you readers for stopping by and reading these words I type day in and day out. I’m sure there’s tons of laundry we should all be doing instead.

As an aside, if you typically only follow my posts on Facebook, you might notice a drop off in posts. That’s just Facebook clamping down even harder, trying to make me pay to promote my updates. And after everything I’ve done for them! If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post, please click to follow me on Feedly, Bloglovin’ or subscribe by email in the left hand column. Thank you! 

Before I get all emotional and start making long winded speeches, I’m going to send you back to Hallie’s for more favorites and Sarah’s for more of the year’s best.

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  1. I just found your blog (thanks MoxieWife!) Thank you a million times over for your post on kids and Mass. It is so hard. Your post brought tears to my eyes because it can be so hard. I only have three… but they are all under three so it’s busy. I am sharing your posts with my friends who commiserate w/me about how tough it is. Thanks!

  2. I’m just loving everyone’s posts of top posts! It’s especially great because I just dipped back into blogging and reading blogs this year and missed a lot of my new favorite blogs’ (of which yours is one) history.

  3. I loved your best photo the first time around and I agree with you – what could possibly top it? And thanks for reminding us all that blogging is about “producing something you’re proud of and enjoy doing regardless of the stats, shares and followers”. My followers are few, but if I make just one person glad to have read one of my posts, I will have fulfilled my goal.

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