Prayer Request

Just jumping on this afternoon to make a very heartfelt request. Today’s my birthday, and it was supposed to be a fun day of mimosa,  a homeschool playdate and sushi for dinner. And while the mimosa and playdate were fun, they were overshadowed by the news that I am scheduled to lose Fulton’s in-home nursing care at the end of the month.

Apparently, he never qualified for daytime nursing care, only overnight, so for eight months the nursing agency has been incorrectly sending me a nurse from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

I came to the painful realization last fall that I could not do it all. In-home nursing care has been a God send and it’s the only reason I can successfully  homeschool my kids and meet all of Fulton’s needs without killing myself.

The insurance company will pay to put Fulton in medical daycare or have a nurse sit at his bedside all night, but he’s not sick enough to need a nurse with him in the morning.

If I think about this all too much, I start to cry or get very angry. It’s really a punch in the gut.  So for my birthday, if all my blog friends could say a quick prayer I’d be most grateful. Thank you.


  1. Do I need to send you the bumper sticker from NorthernSun.Com that states: “We already have death panels. They’re called insurance companies.”?

  2. Oh Kelly, that is terrible. We will be upping our prayers for you all. All will be well, I am sure of it, something good will turn up. Jen ?

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