Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real … Inadequate

I love photography. I studied it, tried to master it and continue to appreciate the fact that there’s a whole lot of people out there who are better at it than me. I also love photoblogs, and very briefly toyed with the idea of starting one, or at least, trying to incorporate photography more into my blog but I didn’t really need all that added pressure on me to constantly produce good pictures. As it is, I can barely keep the grandparents happy. But in an effort to motivate myself to pick up my camera at least weekly, I’m jumping on the {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} meme over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. I haven’t actually read anything they’ve posted because I’m always admiring all the photos. Be sure to look at my photos before going over there, otherwise you’re going to be really disappointed. So here goes…


We got the baby to bed early and decorated Easter eggs without spilling any dye, a major milestone here. Though they never turn out like the ones on the package, they’re proudly displayed on the dining table. My husband attempted to use that dinky wax crayon that was included to draw a lamb holding a cross on his one allotted egg with less than stellar results. (I have excluded it from the pretty photo because a white blob holding a stick is not even remotely festive or beautiful.) The blue-ish egg on the far right is Byron’s attempt at a dinosaur egg, just in case the Easter bunny wants a change-up from boring ol’ chicken eggs.





Happiness is a good book and siblings reading stories to one another always melts my heart. The best part is when they learn the joy of reading the same story, over and over again. When I snapped this, Byron had found Spot at least four times and Teddy was clamoring for more. He was hoping I could give him a hand but I just snapped pictures and laughed, remembering how many times I had to read ‘Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge’ to him. So, I guess I was also happy because it was like I was getting sweet revenge on him, in a nurturing, educational way.








Here lies ‘Robby’ Robin Redbreast. Early one morning while he was bob, bob, bobbing along for worms, my kitten got him instead. Discovered by my daughter and her friend, they laid him to rest in the middle of the yard and covered him with a brick and some flowers lovingly yanked off my bushes. Farewell harbinger of spring, we hardly knew ye.





Real, old school tire swing. I think my son and his friend might have dug this tire and old rope out of the neighbor’s yard, but I’m not sure so I’m just trying not to think about it. The only branch they could secure it to is a thin part of the main truck so when you jump on for a ride, you swing back into the tree and hit yourself. I mean, I haven’t tried it out, but based on the number of bark burns and back bruises I’ve had to treat over the last two days, it’s not for the faint of heart. The kids, however, having constructed it all themselves, are in love with it.






Now, feel free to visit the rest of the links for {p,h,f,r} and enjoy the Easter Triduum. Catch you all after Sunday.


  1. I giggled the whole way through your post! Especially at the tire swing and yours being enamored with it despite the injuries sustained. 🙂

  2. Oh dear…. this truly made me laugh out loud this morning! 🙂 How absolutely funny about the tire swing. Love that they just keep at it. Don’t you just love that about kids? And those Easter Eggs, well.. I think that they are just perfect. Happy Happy Easter. SO glad that I dropped by today.

  3. the tire swing is hilarious! I really think you have to try it. just once at least! Oh and I love your photos…fancy camera is out of charge and I’ve been lazily relying on the iphone camera.

  4. I feel the same way about my photography and longing to improve on it. I’m digging this {phfr} meme, too- if for no other reason than it helps me focus on a manageable amount of pictures per week.

  5. Thanks everyone. Your kind words have definitely motivated me to pick up the camera and shoot some more for next week. And if I try out the tire swing I will let you know.

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