A Worthy Reception: A Retreat Based on Thomas À Kempis’ Classic ‘The Imitation of Christ’


‘A Worthy Reception’ contains a four day retreat based on Thomas à Kempis’ classic work, ‘The Imitation of Christ.’ If you’re curious to know what has given ‘The Imitation of Christ’ it’s 500 year staying power, but were overwhelmed with where to start, this book is the perfect introduction!



In thirty brief chapters, with text pulled directly from The Imitation of Christ, along with instructions and introductions for each day’s theme, you’ll be brought closer to our Lord through deep personal reflection. At the conclusion, you’ll receive the sacraments of Confession and Communion with renewed reverence and awe.

“‘A Worthy Reception’ is a powerful way to better prepare your soul to receive the grace God longs to give you through Confession and the Eucharist.  The readings from Thomas a Kempis are soul deep, convicting, and altogether they have the potential to be inspiring and transformative for your spiritual life.  If you’re looking for a resource that is easy to use that can help renew your passion for holiness and love for the Lord, especially in the Sacraments, A Worthy Reception and an open heart will do just that.” Mary Haseltine, Better Than Eden

“Kelly takes a retreat I was always too intimidated to try and made it approachable and doable for a busy pregnant mom. It felt accessible and incredibly uplifting!” Nell O’Leary, Whole Parenting Family

“This retreat offers a straightforward but compelling experience of Thomas a Kempis for anyone looking to deepen their spirituality. This retreat’s simple, 4 day format is a great way to bring a more concrete faith in the day-to-day, or to step back and refocus on your own personal faith in times of dryness.”  Christy Isinger, Fountains of Home

“When I started I was a little overwhelmed and felt like the whole thing was going to be over my head spiritually and intellectually. And while I’m sure that a lot of it DID go over my head, I was surprised by how much the spirituality applied to my life; there were SO many gems over the four days of reading.  I’m glad I stuck it out even though I started out feeling a little intimidated! I really enjoyed the experience.” Christina Kolb, A Gentle Mother


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