2019 ‘Accepting the Gift’ Conference Video Bundle


All the talks from the 2019 CPSNCC ‘Accepting the Gift’ are now available to watch online, as well as six bonus talks. Watch the highlight reel to get a sample of each fantastic talk. When you purchase this package, you’ll be sent a pdf file to download that gives the url and password for viewing. Any questions or problems with this purchase should be sent to information@cpsncc.org. 

Mary Lenaburg – Blessing over Burden: Choosing A Life Woven with Joy and Hope

Kelly Mantoan – Peace in the Margins: How to Avoid Physical and Spiritual Burnout as a Special Needs Parent

David Rizzo – Take This All of You, Catechesis for Children With Special Needs

Rev. James Bartoloma- discusses the rights of special needs children to be admitted to religoius education and the Sacraments, and some steps parents can take if these are being denied their children

DiAnn Ecret, from the National Catholic Bioethics Center – answers questions from parents regarding family planning, poor prenatal diagnosis, end of life care, and the use of hormonal contraceptives within the intellectually delayed population

Our bonus talks cover homeschooling special needs children, looking out for the spiritual needs of your special needs children, a first person account of life with a genetic disease, and many more!



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