The Catholic Homeschool Audit Workbook PDF Download

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Stressed? Wondering if you’re doing enough in your homeschool? Relax and take stock with The Catholic Homeschool Audit Workbook. Evaluate your schedule, curriculum, your overall goals, and make a solid plan for next year, or next semester. Purchase of this workbook includes a link to download additional pages for future (personal) use.


I’ve been homeschooling for 8 years, and I wish I had read this book 8 years ago. I have read and loved all of the philosophical books about why we homeschool, but this is a much needed part of the HOW. Kelly provides a structured and practical way to reflect on your school year in order make improvements in meeting everyone’s needs– including your own. I really appreciate the analysis of both big picture and day to day details and the way this practice of professional development helps me elevate the quality of our work. Your wisdom is much appreciated, Kelly! -Anne M.



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