Using Google Classroom in the Homeschool Ebook

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This ebook will guide homeschooling parents step by step through setting up and using Google Classroom in their homeschool. Parents will learn how moving their favorite curriculum onto Google’s free learning management system, or another popular LMS, can make planning easier, streamline correcting and grading work, and help their children become more independent learners.




If you’re wondering how to use Google Classroom in your homeschool, this ebook is the perfect starting point! Kelly Mantoan has used online learning management systems for homeschooling her middle and high school aged children since 2017 and Google Classroom  since 2020. She loves how it streamlines assigning, collecting, and grading school work. In this book, Kelly will explain how to set up your first classroom, add students, create assignments, and collect and grade work. A homeschool Google Classroom can save you time and energy, and you can use the same class year after year, meaning less planning down the road! Creating a Google Classroom for homeschoolers also introduces your child to all of Google’s tools such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and prepares them for using a learning management system in college. Best of all Google Classroom is free! Learn how to get started today!

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