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Nothing says, “Happy Feast of the Accension” like a bonfire. In fact, every major feast that does not occur during a blizzard is a reason for our family to light up a bonfire. We’re blessed with a large yard (for New Jersey) and in the back center, we have a large pit my husband loves to fire up in true caveman style. He almost did have to drag me out there by the hair the other evening  since the thought of keeping an eye on the baby in the presence of a blazing fire and sharpened marshmallow sticks was sorely lacking in attraction.

However a steady stream of cheese puffs and a huge pile of freshly mowed grass kept the baby away from the fire and largely entertained while I relaxed, fed Fulton cheese puffs and watched my older children run through the yard in their church clothes which they never changed out of. I’m trying to suppress the memory of the huge grass stains all over Byron’s only pair of dress pants that don’t expose his ankles.


Look mom, I can be cute even when I’m absolutely filthy. Take my picture than pick me up and let me put my orange hands all over you.


This photo, obviously not from the bonfire but still outside, shows Fulton at work with one of the preschool games I’ve created for him. A talk by my friend Kellie from Building Cathedrals at a local homeschool conference helped me create a clearer picture on how to teach him without relying on the same workbooks the older three used. (A nagging problem I first mentioned here.) I took some of Kel’s ideas plus many more gleaned from Pinterest, the internet and using games and materials I already had around the house, like the Melissa and Doug stacker pictured. I’ve introduced them to Fulton to see what he thinks, and he is loving it! For now I offer him three to four activities to work on (usually with his nurse helping) for 15 minutes each. We’ll see if the novelty wears off, but for now its good to know he’s willing to sit for up to an hour working on games that will help develop fine motor  skills, plus basic color, shape, number and letter recognition.



The reason for the grass stains was this awesome game they created where they ran full speed at the fire, leaped up, then dropped to the ground and rolled away.  Sort of a high intensity stop, drop and roll drill I guess. I was informed the blue plastic sunglasses are for protection.


{real} relaxation



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