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After my last post, I got a wonderful email from Potamitis Publishing owner Dionysios, who is offering my readers a 10 percent discount on their books, plus FREE express shipping from Greece. So if you were on the fence about whether or not to purchase one of these beautiful books, wait no longer! I can’t think of a nicer First Holy Communion Gift or birthday present.

Dionysios runs Potamitis with his wife and their five young “helpers” or children who were laughing and running around the office when I called. This family business seeks to publish children’s books with illustrations that “speak to children” and expose them to truth and beauty, in contrast to all the other ugly images the world seeks to push on our children that tear them from Christ. Within the last five years they have released more than 100 books in 10 languages.

Dionysios guarantees their books will ship from Greece, damage free, or they will refund your money. To purchase simply mention “From The Lyceum” in your comments and when you receive the email confirming your order, you will see the 10 percent and shipping deducted. Any questions? You can go right to the source by calling their American number at (410) 734-2771 or emailing Dionysios directly at dionysios(at)

Still uncertain? Here’s just a few examples;

St. Catherine of Alexandria book with CD

St. George and the Dragon

Saints of Ireland coloring book

Christmas Icon coloring book.

And just a disclaimer, I haven’t been paid or given any free merchandise to promote Potamitis. I’m just a lover of beautiful things, especially books. Please let me know if you purchase a book; I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Thanks so much for letting us know about these beautiful books! I just placed an order for the Warrior Saints book for my boys and can’t wait to get it!

  2. I loved their images!! But a small disclaimer: Their Book of Prayers does have the Orthodox Creed in it which differs from the Roman Creed.

    1. Yes, and some of their saint books list saints not included in the Western Church. The Greek Orthodox church is not in communion with the Church of Rome, however I don’t believe Catholics can’t appreciate these books. Thank you Anna for pointing that out!

    2. Greetings in Christ, Anna!

      Thank you for the comment on the images, I’ll pass it on to my wife in Christ.
      About the disclaimer, we always make clear of that fact to customers who we can understand are Roman Catholics.
      I’m almost sure you did not buy your copy of our best-selling “My Prayer Book” on our website, nevertheless, our complete quality warranty covers you too. Please, send an e-mail to dionysios at letting me know when and where you bought your copy, and an e-mail, via which you can receive PayPal funds, and, God willing, I’ll personally do everything I can that you do not feel mistreated.

      Thank you and thanks to Kelly for loving Christ!


      IC XC
      NI KA

      1. Dionysios,
        Thank you very much for your concern, but I actually have not purchased your book. I saw them at our local Homeschooling conference. We had already purchased too many books and weren’t able to buy yours, even though we loved the illustrations. My husband and I have a great appreciation for Iconography. My disclaimer was not meant in any way to show dissatisfaction or to say that I felt mistreated. It was more a way of just letting others know so that they wouldn’t be confused when reading through that prayer if they purchased that book.
        It is my personal opinion that every Catholic should have at least one beautiful Icon in their home. 🙂 There is such a richness, and so many symbolic imagines in icons, they are a window into heaven.


  3. I find the books utterly charming!! As a homeschooling mom we adapt a lot of books in our lives that might not be fully Catholic. I find it easier to adopt to our close Orthodox Brothers and Sisters than to protestant materials!!! I have many good friends who use Charlotte Mason with such joy and ease and they have found a way to adopt her Protestantism in our faith!! I think we all love the fact that the Catholic Church christens things form the past and other customs and makes them new and beautiful!!

    1. Yes, absolutely! And for as quickly as I see moms pick up Protestant or secular materials, they should have no hesitation in picking up Orthodox books such as these.

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