See Me Homeschool: Lucky Friday the 13th

I’m happy to join the “See Me Homeschool” blog hop with Theresa and Micaela. Normally, I wouldn’t pick February to participate in such a thing, since by February, we’re all sort of ‘blah’, (this week is a ‘Science’ week, which means lots of NOVA specials.) But, Theresa said “just pictures” so I thought, I can handle that. And although the kids were super enthused about me taking pictures all day, (“Put your tongue back in your mouth! This is a nice picture! Look away and we’ll make it a candid! PLEASE KIDS!!!”) we still managed to show a glimpse into our daily routine. Consider it the visual representation of my interview with Micaela last year for her link-up.ย 

There’s no words, except where a few were absolutely necessary, because unfamiliar medical stuff is a big part of our day. Fulton’s care takes up a huge chunk of my morning and requires my older kids to work independently, whether they want to or not. Otherwise, I’ve just given the photos time stamps to show ย things are going on at the same time. On this day, last Friday the 13th, there was no early morning Latin, so everyone slept in. Not an unlucky day for the us at all really.

7:35 a.m.


8:20 a.m.

Fulton is awake and needs to be straight cath’ed, i.e. empty his bladder with a catheter.



9:13 a.m.



9:37 a.m.

Assembling the boys morning meds.


10:02 a.m.



10:40 a.m.


11:13 a.m.



11:42 a.m.

Fulton and Teddy were supposed to go to physical therapy, but it was so cold the lift on our van wouldn’t work. It’s not unusual, which is why I went outside at this time to try it. Cancelled our appointment for the week.


11:53 a.m.



12:48 p.m.



1:36 p.m.


2:22 p.m.




Stretching and stander time counts as physical education for the little guys.


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  1. Kelly! “Put your tongue back in your mouth!” “Look away!” Those sound familiar ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much for sharing your day!! I loved seeing the variety!
    Ahhh… the cold. When will it end??? It was sad to compare all my indoor pics with Micaela’s outdoor loveliness. I can’t wait until our homeschool days shift outdoors, but it seems like we have an eternity to wait ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks again for joining in!

  2. So cold the lift wouldn’t work? Oh my, that is very cold and I’m shivering just thinking of it – good thing you started with that photo of hot coffee and a fireplace. We are windy, and sometimes chattery but not nearly so cold – it still keeps us indoors because the wind will blow you down.
    I really enjoyed seeing your day!

  3. Thank you for that pain scale. I’m going to print it, laminate it, and take it with me everywhere. After four spinal surgeries and more procedures, therapies, and treatments than I can count I have had many fantasies about damage I could do to the next person who asks me to “rate my pain”. The bear reference really helps – I’ll just personalize mine to say “a bear carrying a chef’s knife” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I have two kids with special needs–much less time intensive than your boys–one has Asperger’s, the other dyslexia & ADHD. But, they do take up more of my day and energy than the others do, and sometimes I feel bad about that. So it helps me to hear that your kids have to work independently whether or not they want to while you tend to the ones who need extra help.

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