Self-Care for Special Needs Moms

I was supposed to have my revised manuscript turned in by January 31st, but as you can guess, that didn’t happen. The upside to my release date being pushed out is that I easily got an extension to continue working on the revisions. The downside is I really just want to be done and not have this hanging over my head any more. However even when I cast aside homeschooling, showers, and housekeeping for writing, I just couldn’t finish everything that needed done. So now I can try to adopt a schedule that allows time for both book edits and basic hygiene.

But hold up, it’s time for my new workbook, ‘Self-care for Special Needs Moms’ to launch and SURPRISE, I’m woefully unprepared for promotion. It seemed especially fitting that the Women’s Wellness Bundle, of which my workbook is part of, kicked off on Wednesday when I was at Children’s Hopsital in Philly for about EIGHT hours with neuromuscular clinic visits for both Fulton and Teddy. Since I was in Detroit with Addie all weekend, and prior to that wrapped up in book edits, I hadn’t prepared much of anything for the bundle sale. So now I’m playing catch up.

I know the majority of my readers are not special needs moms, but I know that for those that are, properly caring for your child(ren) with special needs is an often exhausting, full-time job. It can be easy to push even our own most basic needs aside in order to meet the needs of our child(ren). It’s also not uncommon to meet special needs moms who are spiritually struggling and unable to find the time and motivation to pray. The physical, mental, and spiritual burnout is all too real. I addressed many of these topics in my talk at the ‘Accepting the Gift’ conference in the spring, but I wanted to put the ideas into a workbook format so struggling moms could read and work through my suggestions and write down a plan of action.

Releasing the workbook along with a bundle filled with other resources aimed to aid in women’s health and wellness seemed a good fit. I hope you agree. People have asked if the workbook will be available after the bundle sale and the answer is yes, but when you buy it through my affiliate link by Monday, you get access to all the talks from the 2019 ‘Accepting the Gift’ conference included for free. That will not be the case afterwards. (So workbook, 10 talks, plus 75+ bundle resources for $37). If you’re curious, feel free to view the preview below. I’m hoping to share some video soon of the pages as well.

If you’re ready to purchase or need more info on the rest of the items in the bundle just click it! (Email me with your order number to get access to all the conference talks.)

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Addie and I enjoyed our time in Detroit. I wasn’t sure what to expect having never been to the city before and hearing only about how awful parts of it are, but we were both pleasantly surprised. Yes, there’s some really awful parts of Detroit, but we loved visiting the art museum on Saturday, and the downtown area where we went ice skating on Sunday afternoon was nice too. The college seems safe and we both like the size and academic offerings. Plus, it’s a Div I Women’s Fencing school and they offered her a large merit scholarship as well. There’s still one more school she’s interested in, but I’m hoping she just accepts an offer from either the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, or University of Detroit Mercy because I’m kinda tired of visits. Plus, I told her it’s not like she’s locked in for four years. If she picks one and doesn’t like it, she can transfer elsewhere.

The worst part of the trip was waking up at 3 a.m. Monday morning to get to the airport for our return flight. That meant I went to bed early Sunday and missed the end of the Superbowl. When I woke up the first thing I did was check the score and I was so bummed! Not because the Chiefs won, but because I missed seeing them score 21 points in less than nine minutes. At some point last year, Teddy became a Chiefs fan and my mother-in-law sent him a Mahomes jersey just in time for Sunday. He stayed awake for the entire game and was obviously pleased with the results. Fulton rooted for the Niners just to annoy Teddy, and for similar reasons also chooses to root for the Patriots in a house of NY fans. My MIL got him a Tom Brady jersey and I’ve been trying to find ways to “lose” it all week.

I’ve had play practice several nights a week for the last few weeks, and next week the show opens. We’ve sold out our Friday and Saturday shows and the Sunday matinee is almost full too. While I know next week will be hectic, I’m looking forward to finally performing it in front of an audience and then finally getting my week nights back! ….so I can keep working on book edits.

In a major case of deja vu, I’m using my blog this month to write about performing in my church’s dinner theater production AND the threat of losing nursing care. It seems Fulton’s insurance wants to cut our hours from 12 a day to 8. We plan to appeal, but UGH, it’s just one more thing to take up my limited free time. Please say a quick prayer we can successfully appeal the insurance company’s decision and keep the hours we have. Thank you!

Now it’s your turn. How was your week? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can’t find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Just an FYI, there is an Institute of Christ the Sovereign King Priest oratory in Detroit called St. Joseph Oratory.
    The Institute celebrates the traditional pre-Vatican 2 mass.
    We belong to St. Francis de Sales oratory in St. Louis and one of our awesome priests was transferred to St. Joseph.

  2. Oh gosh. 3 AM?!?!?! That’s a violation of the 8th amendment! When I have to go to my clinic appointments I have to get up around 6:45 and that’s early enough, thank you!

  3. Sounds like Addie has two great options for schools! I will be praying for consensus for all of you on what is the right choice, and for full nursing care for Fulton.

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