Seven Reasons You Should Start a Blog For Fun And…

…no that’s it. If you want to know how to create a profitable blog or MAKE MONEY ONLINE, there’s like, a million other sites you can visit besides this one. Today, I plan to make a convincing argument for why you should start a blog for no other reason than it’s enjoyable. Who’d a thunk such a think was still possible?

seven quick takes friday 2

1. Blogging is a creative outlet that doesn’t take up space. Unlike say, making home decor from plastic spoons, bottles and, toilet paper tubes.

spoon tulips
Although these glowing plastic spoon tulips do make a pretty convincing argument.

2. You get to meet all sorts of people! I’ve made so many great friends AND gained all sorts of followers on social media. There’s that guy who takes lots of selfies of himself in the bathroom mirror. The really cute blonde who wants to meet me in person for a good time: maybe a wine and painting class? And that spammer from Croatia who keeps me updated on ‘latest MICHAEL KHORS’ parka sunglasses deal of best’!

3. You get this feeling of being young, hip and technically savy. I always tell people I’m a homeschooler and a blogger with a sly, knowing glance.  “Oh, yeah, you know that thing everyone is talking about on their mobile phones, the world-wide web? Yeah, you can find me there. My readers think I’m fabulous.”…as opposed to here in real life where I’m wearing pajama pants and talking to you in Walmart. Online, nobody knows anything about the real you! You can be prettier, neater, a hipster, and a different ethnicity all through stock photos and a great imagination. …no beard growing necessary!

4. A blog is a great journal. I love looking back through my old posts and reading the kids quotes, antics or enjoying vacation pictures. Like that time we all traveled to the beach for a day even though we were recovering from a horrific parasitic infection? Woooo doggie! Thank goodness that’s commemorated for the ages! It totally makes up for the fact that four of my five kids have no baby book whatsoever.

5. You’ll become a much better writer, thanks to the grammar police. Rest assured if you misuse a comma or form of “there/their/they’re” someone will gladly email or message you in the middle of the night to do you the favor of pointing it out. You’ll never mix tenses or confuse homonym/ homophones again!

6. People will come to view you as an expert. Your opinion will matter to everyone…except your teenage children. They still won’t understand why you can’t just get a normal part-time job like their friends’ moms instead of oversharing about the bras you buy, the clothes you wear or the shampoo you don’t use.

7. Exciting opportunities will come your way! Maybe you’ll be invited to speak at a Catholic women’s retreat or some publishers will send you free books for review! Maybe the manufacturers of rock shaped pillows will offer to send you free products! Sometimes, other sites will steal your content and photos giving you the opportunity to learn copyright law! You just never know what new adventure lies around the corner.

For all these reasons and more, I think you should give blogging a try! (This is secretly a cry for help. Join me as a “dedicated” blogger so I feel less guilty about neglecting my kids to maintain a hobby.)

If you’ve already got a blog, what reasons would you add to my list? Comment, then link up below! Remember to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takers. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. Another good reason is you can talk/write about stuff you care about that no one in real life cares about.

    For example if you are super passionate about gardening but your husband/kids are tired of hearing about your ferns you can blog about it and other fern lovers will LOVE to talk to you about it.

    1. Beth Anne, I totally blog about our homeschool stuff because my husband would just nod and say, “Great.” He didn’t want to discuss it at all! Can you believe that?

  2. One of my sons asked me how much money I’ve made from blogging (I have 4-YIKES!- blogs), and I told him I didn’t do It for the money. I just love to write. (Obviously!)

  3. So I think my favorite thing about blogging is that there are people’s personal experiences to read about literally everything…I’ve recently gotten out of the mommy-blog world and little and discovered some travel and book blogs, and they are awesome. It makes so much research and learning possible for small chunks of time. 🙂

  4. These are all great! For me, blogging is definitely also a way to process my thoughts and make super quirky connections (Doctor Who and the Communion of Saints, anyone?) without talking my husband’s ear off every waking moment. Now I only talk his ear off for half of his waking moments! haha just kidding…maybe.

  5. I started blogging (again) because an unexpected pregnancy meant I had to put a larger writing project on hold. This keeps me writing and gives me small, obtainable goals. I also planned to get up to speed on blog design. Ahem. That hasn’t happened yet…

  6. It’s a great opportunity to talk about God and share the faith! In real life these subjects can be very hard. I once had somebody leave the Christmas dinner halfway, because I said Christians believe Jezus actually is God, not merely his son. Actually, somebody else thought this person left because she said after Jezus there have been many prophets, so some people believe. Sure religion can be a tangy subject, I surely wouldn’t have started this conversation at the Christmas table with so many different opinions present. But I actually love talking about religion, and I don’t mind talking to different people. But it does take some practice, and the best place for that is the internet, especially blogs. Serious Fun!

  7. I only blog for fun. My memory isn’t what it used to be, and I want to remember the ridiculous things that happen with my family and on the farm. I enjoy coming up with a variety of ways to tell the stories.
    I had no idea when I started blogging that I could make friends through it. It’s one of the best parts.

  8. rofl at #2 and 3. I sometimes get worried I’m putting myself and my kids out there too much but your followers seem awesome! And yes meeting other catholic bloggers is a great perk.

  9. This is great. I love blogging because it makes me tease out my ideas and formulate articulate ways to express them. It is also provides new opportunities to dialogue with family and friends (also known as your current followers).


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