SHAMELESS PROMOTION: Sheenazing Blogger Awards!

Forget breakfast preparation!

I was happy to wake up and discover my blog has been nominated in three categories over at Bonnie’s in her first ever ‘Sheenazing Blogger Awards”! Some peoples, who may or may not be limited to my husband, thought to nominate me in the “Funniest”, “Coolest” and “Best Meme” categories. [**Updated, so my husband mentioned I’m also in the “Under Appreciated” category. Good eyes honey!**] Thank you! It’s such a great feeling to make the cut with so many other great blogs out there. It’s like being on the homecoming court! (Except I wasn’t on the homecoming court, or even close to making the cut, so this has stirred up some painful memories…deep cleansing breath in, let it go Kelly…)

Anyway, be sure to stop by and VOTE, just once, for yours truly. Voting will remain open until Thursday, at which point I will eagerly await the announcement of the winners with a glass of boxed wine, acceptance speech at the ready.

photo (20)
However, I can’t guarantee my hair will be that big.

And if I don’t win….well, I’m a good sport, but you know, I’m not above a recount if need be. And of course, maybe you remember the legal sensibilities of my children? If I have to, I’ll call on my oldest and her pretend lawyer skills to set things right. And my husband is half Italian so we have connections..somewhere I’m told. A virtual drive by ravioli throwing!!!

photo (19)
Yes, Byron hired Addie as his lawyer to draft a restraining order against his younger sister Edie. But when Addie started bothering him, (maybe for payment?,) he inserted her name instead.

Are you still here???? Go vote! And then be sure to tell all your friends to vote for the best blogs (a.k.a. ME!!) over at A Knotted Life.


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  1. Can I just say I love that you are owning this??? “be sure to tell all your friends to vote for the best blogs (a.k.a. ME!!)” – WORK IT GIRL!!!!
    (And yeaaaaa, I totally voted for you 🙂

  2. Hello! This is my first time visiting your (hilarious) blog. I was given direction from Bonnie, and am so glad to be here! Finding great Catholic blogs to follow helps me to avoid things like the laundry, dishes and checking the mouse traps. Congrats on your nominations!

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