Single Mom Attempt and Fail; The Final Hours

I know you’re all sick to death of hearing about my life sans husband, but thankfully, for all of us, he gets back tonight! Yay! Everyone is excited about Papa’s return; so excited in fact that we were all awake by 5:30 a.m. Even the roosters couldn’t believe it. Hopefully I will still have some life left in me by 10 p.m. since that is when I will need to arrive at the airport, barring any flight delays. I’ve promised to run across the terminal to him in slow motion.
We’ve had some succesful video chats and a few IM sessions. I know I’ll regret it tomorrow, but I’m trying to convince Tony that after I pick him up, we should head to an all night diner and catch up in peace for a couple of hours.
It was such a weird six days. While I missed him, the hectic pace of daily life kept any feelings of loneliness at bay. And although my days are always full, I tended to not accomplish much because I hovered close to the compute waiting for a sign that he was online. I also didn’t want to take the kids anywhere, for fear of missing him and because taking five kids out of the house usually puts me in a foul mood. I should have gone to confession before and after Mass for this very reason.
I avoided anything that could potentially sour my mood for the sake of keeping this place peaceful without the peacemaker around. Plus all opportunities for offering up my situation were ignored or forgotten.D’oh!  However, no one died or even required an emergency room visit. We kept everything from zombies and robbers to the sniffles at bay. Although, Saturday night I was convinced there was a bat in my closet (which is totally plausible in this house) so I went to bed with the light on and dirty laundry shoved in every crack around my closet door. Which was preferable to the only other option I had which was to curl up under the covers and die, because there’s no way I could handle a bat in the house alone.
I will briefly add that having two grandmas in my house at the same time to make things “easier” on me, is not nearly as helpful as you would think.
I know tomorrow will be difficult. I selfishly want uninterrupted time with my husband, but I know I’ll have to share him with the kids, who’ll probably form a Berlin Wall of love around him most of the day. Plus his parents will be here asking about details and updating him on everything they’ve already told me a couple of times.
But things will be back to normal. The coming week is packed with two birthdays, bowling, a campout and a mega playdate where children will outnumber adults, four to one. It’s probably for the best I didn’t try to clean while Tony was away.
Thus ends my six-day pity party. Can I get some cheese with my whine?


  1. Sounds like a successful adventure to me for all involved; I can tell you did good! It was up to you and your attitude to make or break this whole thing & you stood back and gave an awesome gift to your hubby by being such a trooper. Strong work by a strong wife.

  2. yay!! congrats on surviving … not sure I could do consecutive days. Im fact I’m positive I couldn’t. 25 hours is my pathetic max.

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