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A Bible Curriculum Moses Could Be Proud Of

seven quick takes friday 2

Was I at the beach again?? Totally. But I won’t dump a bunch of ocean pictures on you and call it a day. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to a great resource that’s right up there with the Bible… mostly because it talks about the Bible. And Catholics heart the Bible right?! Yes, we do! #breakingstereotypes

But first a disclaimer, which requires italic text for some reason. Tan Publishing offered to send me their Story of the Bible stuff to review for free, and I was like, “Free books?! Word!”…while totally typing something much more mature in my reply. However, my first amendment rights meant I could pursue their offerings, say something horrible, say nothing or spread the love. I’m choosing to let love reign.

You benefit from getting my always deep and inspiring thoughts, plus, a giveaway. Onwards!


1. The Story of the Bible is a complete Bible study curriculum for elementary and middle school aged students. There’s a text-book, one for the Old and one for the New Testaments, test books, activity books and teacher’s guides. Each text-book is available as an audio book, plus there is an accompanying video lecture series. Β Tan’s SOTB has got all your bases covered. Looking for a Bible study from a respected Catholic publisher to meet the needs of your whole family? BOOM! Tan nailed it.

Story of the Bible would also be a great addition to any homeschool covering ancient history. From Creation to the Egyptians, Assyrians and the Maccabaeus, it’s all covered! And with great Catholic references throughout; something you won’t get in Story of the World or any other non-Catholic curriculum.

2. Volume 1, The Old Testament is written at an advanced elementary or middle school grade level. There are high quality black line drawings every few chapters and maps for reference in the back. Your older student could easily read through one chapter a week (there’s 22 in all) while younger students listen as a read aloud.

Hate reading aloud? Don’t be ashamed, just pop in the dramatized audio version. Your kids will be excited to catch up on school work during long car rides too! And if they’re not, it’s still better than Justin Bieber.

3. If you want to make sure they’re really keeping up with the reading and not zoning out during car rides, bust out the test booklet! Multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks, plus an answer key in the back so they can check it themselves if you’re that naive…I mean trusting…I mean raising great learners?? Anywho-older kids will quickly see whether they’ve learned the material or not without being overwhelmed with 150 Scantron questions.

This is only slightly related to what I’m talking about.

4. Elementary kids of all ages can select crafts from the activity book including coloring, word finds, cross words and simple cut and paste activities. Everyone can work together and move along the same timeline using one simple curriculum. Even with the investment of an activity book for each child, you’re saving over buying a whole separate program for each grade. I love it when we can all work together as a family; older kids helping the younger ones on crafts they remember making, answering questions and yet still making new observations and gaining a deeper understanding of the text with each go round.

book sample

5. Worried you’ll be overwhelmed or confuse all the tribes of Israel? Enter the Teacher’s Manual; one you’ll actually be glad you purchased (unlike that one for Kindergarten Math.) Reading and comprehension questions, narration exercises, map work suggestions; you, yes you, Β can teach the Bible, even with as little sleep as you get! Plus, there’s a few fun snack ideas thrown in. Tan’s got your meal planning taken care of too (well, maybe not entirely but graham crackers for supper wouldn’t be the worst thing ever… would it?)

6. Video. lectures. If you can’t imagine throwing one more thing into your schooling mix, but you still really want your kids to experience SOTB, invest in the DVDs. Between the text, test booklet, all-inclusive teacher’s manual and DVDs your older kids will be all set with minimal work on your part. Even on the days when you cannot. even. you can put in this DVD (or have your child put it in himself) and know you’re rocking this homeschool thing like a boss.

7. Interested? Even if you’re not a homeschooling family, I still think the audio book would be a great addition to your sports practice commuting, while the SOTB text could make a nice CCD supplement. Why not try to win either Volume 1 or 2 below?? Prize includes text-book, teacher’s guide, activity book, audio book set and test booklet.

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  1. Kelly~~~ Sounds like a wonderful resources!! Pinning so I can refer back.

    Thanks for sharing! And thank you for hosting….I’ve not been over to link in some time, but of course love clicking oer to read your yours and a few others’ posts.

    God bless…xoxo

  2. My kids have been listening non-stop to the demo CD of SOTB non-stop since I received it at Edel. They are hooked!

  3. We thoroughly enjoyed our demo CD I picked at Edel. I guess if I win one, we might as well start with Volume 1. I’d be just as happy with #2 though.

  4. So great! Volume 1 would be awesome. I loved the picture of Scantron. I will say that is one of the things I miss about teaching. Running Scantrons was always fun!

  5. This looks like a great resource. I advocate for audio materials as great supplements and there just aren’t enough available for children. I would love to receive no. 2 but either would get constant use. I want to demo this with my kiddos and present to the women’s/mom bible study I facilitate. We have lots of moms looking for ways to teach and reach their children.

  6. Great giveaway! I guess I’d want to start with volume one but certainly wouldn’t mind volume two!

  7. Um – either?! This looks awesome. We don’t homeschool, but our kiddos go to a classical charter school, and this would be fun to do on weekends!! πŸ™‚

  8. This sounds wonderful for my fifth-grader who will be studying ancient history this year.

  9. Volume 2 would be great. We’re currently using Classical Academic Press’ Bible study but I would love to have a Catholic version!

  10. It makes sense to start with Vol. 1, but I can see this being such a good program that Vol. 1 would lead to 2. πŸ˜‰

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  12. I received a free trial CD and loved it but alas it is not in our budget this year. My husband thinks we need heat and a/c more than a bible curriculum.

  13. I would love Vol.. 2–I’ve ordered Vol. 1 and after seeing it know I’ll want Vol.2 as well.

  14. Thank you for holding the giveaway! They both sound great, but if I was forced to choose I guess I’d go for Vol 1 … πŸ™‚

  15. I am very excited to learn about this!! We have done sotw for years and I just haven’t found a great Catholic replacement. And since I generally fall asleep while reading out loud to the kids, audio and DVD options are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

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