{SQT} A Bullseye

Although I would really like to be remembered  for the high quality of my writing; today, I’m going to subject you to a description of my recent trip to Target. Would we call this a “writing slump?” I don’t know, just be sure to check back next week to get the scoop on tomorrow’s Easter dress shopping at Burlington Coat Factory.

1. Last Saturday found me alone with just the three younger children. Tony was teaching a class and the older two were on a scouting trip. Since that left me with the sassy blond, a baby named Theodore and a middle child with more speed and muscle then I could handle (courtesy a 200lb powerchair), I thought, WWGD? And I went to Target.

2.This was a big deal for Fulton as he never runs errands with me. The time-consuming act of loading and unloading a wheelchair means I do all my shopping when Tony’s at home or my mother-in-law is available. But Saturday, I thought we’d go on a field trip of sorts and just take our time meandering around the store.

3. Edie and I took turns pushing Teddy in the cart while Fulton drove around screaming like a kid in Disney World. His head just about exploded in the toy department, and thankfully, because I agreed to buy him a $1 flashlight, we agreed all the other cool toys would “go on his birthday list.” Everything was new and exciting for him. He held a five-minute conversation with a cardboard cutout in the Lego aisle. Playing hide and seek in the shoe department was also a highlight of the morning.

photo (2)
Doll aisle? Doesn’t matter, Fulton is lovin’ it.


photo (3)

4. Hey, um, you might want to see an eye doctor; you’ve got lollipops in your eyes plus large plastic hearts seem to be growing where most normal people have eyelashes. And your arms are wasting away despite an obvious love of sweets. Please seek professional help. You’re on my banned list.

5.,6.,7. Just when Teddy started getting fussy, I purchased pretzels and juice boxes for all and was a superhero. Sure, I was in desperate need of a shower and  still in my clothes from the night before but I was happy.

photo (1)
OMWord! Cars and truck in a parking lot! Mama, I feel like I’ve only started to live!


Since I forgot to snap selfies in the mirror aisle, you’ll have to watch me chug a chai.

Life doesn’t get much more exciting. But if you don’t believe me, swing by the rest of the linky dinks back at Jen’s.



  1. I have yet to meet a person who has bought one of those terrifying dolls, or a Bratz doll even (Why would you buy something called Bratz? Would you buy a doll named Temper Tantrum? No.), but if I ever do, I will give you the 411 on their crazy.

    1. Well I don’t want to reply – just regular comment – sorry

      I’m super flattered – you’re a much nicer mom than I with the meandering! You’ve gotta take a mirror aisle selfie next time. Make me proud!

  2. oh yeah, Bratz dolls on a banned list, Barbie, Dora the explorer and Barney were also on it- I guess I’m no fun…! 😀 no fun, but sane!

    love the selfie, those are hard to do, though the tweens in my life seemed to have mastered it! I love the name of your blog, which is why I hopped over from conversion diary 😀

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