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seven quick takes friday 2

Coming to you from the frozen tundra that is SOUTH JERSEY. Yes, I know this isn’t Alaska or Buffalo, NY but that is exactly why I shouldn’t be dealing with snow and single digit temperatures in March. MARCH!

I haven’t been able to get all the kids out of the house these last few days, and we were all starting to go a little more crazy than usual, when a package arrived at our door! I didn’t remember signing up for anything or agreeing to do a review, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially since the kids dragged it inside and tore it open before the Fed Ex guy pulled away.


I thought maybe a friend had sent us a ‘Kiwi Crate’, but then I realized the company was just reusing a box that had been used to ship kiwis. On the other side it clearly stated, “The Little (s)TINKER Crate”. Isn’t that a branch of the Kiwi Crate company? I can’t remember. On the side was written their motto “For even the tiniest MacGyver.” (My kids were like, “Who’s MacGyver?” MOM FAIL.)

Since ‘The Little (s)TINKER” saved my kids from utter boredom, I thought I would write a review of their product in Seven Quick Takes as a thank you. Since I don’t have any subscription info, you’ll just have to hope one of these awesome boxes shows up on your doorstep some day when you need it most.

1. There were no instructions included, but we did find several issues of Popular Mechanics from the 70’s and 80’s. (Byron has already started saving to by a 1988 Datsun car-boat, on the off chance it’s ever released.)

2. The inside was packed with items including; several cans without labels, rusty nails and screws, scraps of wood with rough edges, a lock mechanism from an old door, wires, various wall hooks, empty paper towel rolls and a red biohazard bag filled with used medical waste. While I appreciate TLS company’s commitment to recycling, I just tossed that directly into the woodstove.


3.There were no tools except for a large mallet which has provided us with hours of entertainment and only one trip to the ER thus far!


4. Edie really took to the mallet and used it to explore physics. (And when the can exploded on the adjacent wall, we talked about the abstract expressionist movement.)


5. When the computer froze up on me, she attempted to use the mallet to restart the system, and then WordPress literally crashed. …into many, many pieces.


6. Teddy and Fulton are totally stoked by Raphael’s new hover, speeder thingy! Look at him go!


7. And TLS crate succeeded in holding the interest of even the bigger kids. Addie didn’t use the words “mind control” or “world domination” but it’s pretty clear what she’s thinking about.


In fact, Addie is my favorite child ever. She’s so smart, I think I can stop homeschooling her and give her her own bedroom and TV.

Wait, what was I typing?

Anyway, I give the Lil’ (s)TINKER crate four out of five stars. It provided hours of entertainment, as evidence by the splinters and shards of metal I’m still pulling from the kids fingers and feet. My only suggestion would be that they send along a couple syringes filled with tetanus vaccine. Once used, those empty needles would be great for a simple sewing or needle point project!

How does your family avoid cabin fever? Leave your suggestions in the comments and link up your Takes below! I look forward to reading them after making Addie a dozen cookies and buying her a cell phone.


  1. Brilliant idea! I have a garage full of old j….umm, Creativity builders for children of all ages! Yeah- that’s it- Soo, sign right up and I’ll send your Lil Tinker(world domination wanna-be’s) all sorts of fun adventures fueled by their imaginations!

    OK and a great way for my to for the Lenten cleaning of the house. Oh, and sender is not liable for any accidents, injuries, maimed siblings, redecorated furnishings or re-purposed electronics. Sender will take credit for any future Nobel prizes or TV shows awarded to said Creative Masters of the World!-um, youths.

    Gonna have to re-watch some Pinky and the Brain now…

  2. It’s not the cold, it’s the consistent cold week after week. Over 100 inches in a few weeks, (not months) and never going over 32 degrees.

    I have no advice on cabin fever, other then we accepted this as the new normal.

  3. This is hilarious! Per usual. So great 🙂 We do tents, big amazon boxes with some colors so they can go to town, books, blocks, and routines. But honestly, I’m not very good with cabin fever so thank you Lord for letting me live in TX where the snow melts as quickly as it comes. So sorry! Pray y’all get some heat soon!

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