{SQT} A Little Bit of Thankfulness

I did all my eating for the weekend yesterday; how about you?

Seven Quick Takes

I just wanted to post a quick take to express my thankfulness for all of ya’ll; my online community of friends and readers. You cheer me up when I share the hard stuff, you rally big time when I ask for support, and you’ve covered my family in a blanket of prayer for years now. Some of you have become real friends that I’ve met in person, some only through a screen and many of you quietly read without emailing or commenting and that’s cool too because you’re like the crazy old aunt that sits in the corner of the room at Thanksgiving and doesn’t say anything, but we all love her anyway and know the holidays would seem empty without her.

Other things I’m thankful for: my husband, children, parents, sister, extended family, homeschool community, parish, social media, my iPhone, online classes, freedom to worship and observe the Church’s liturgical year, a standard of living better than most of the world, good books, libraries, Aldis, Coca-Cola, sushi, solo trips to Target, continuing advancements in medicine and medical devices, for a dog who will keep my legs warm on cold nights, hens who lay eggs, breathtaking sunsets, Ocean City, NJ, Shrivers, old friends, red beet eggs, paleo whoopie pies, fresh planner pages, Goodwill, vintage dresses, new opportunities, uncertainty resolved, and the communion of saints who constantly intercede on my behalf.

How was your Thanksgiving? Share what you’re thankful for, or maybe a family picture (if you were more on the ball than I). Write it down than link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts.


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