{SQT} A Photo Like All the Rest

A belated happy feast of the Assumption. We marked the occasion by attending a special Mass at the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul in Philadelphia and taking our first family photo in a very long time.

As you can see, I don’t coordinate outfits, Fulton and Teddy need haircuts, Edie is tired and wants to go home, and the arrangement of bodies and cropping is not optimal. But, it’ll do. Addie glanced at it and said, “It’s not horrible.” I feel that’s really the best I can hope for. Be it family photos, the level of cleanliness in the house, the meals I serve, the amount of yelling in the house; so long as it/they are “not horrible”, I’m winning.

I was overly stressed about finding handicap parking so we arrived two hours early, scored an epic handicap spot with plenty of unloading space, and had a picnic supper at a nearby park. Thankfully, the temperamental August weather cooperated beautifully.

The past two weeks have been a blur. I feel like there’s so many big things to do (attic and basement most importantly), but all the little things (dentist, urgent care run, specialist checkups, laundry, camp transportation, school planning, scout planning, entertaining Fulton and Teddy, ETC) are filling up my time. I know that for the past several years I keep thinking August will be my lazy summer month, and it winds up being the exact opposite.

Writing is the last thing on my mind. I expect to begin edits on my book soon, and my word count is low, so there will be some chapters to beef up as well. There’s some other great books coming out, so I hope to review and share them with you in the coming weeks. And I’ve got another endeavor related to my special needs conference I’m working on and plan to roll out soon as well…but no surprise, it’s taking longer than expected.

After blogging for seven years, I easily recognize a hectic stage of life and the related uninspired blogging phase and have learned to not let it bother me too much. While I’m not looking forward to starting school back up, I know the routine, and the hours when Fulton and Teddy are out of the house will give me the time to catch up on lots of things and hopefully give me a few fresh ideas for posts. It’s hard for me to imagine how, only a few years ago, I found the time to write with everyone at home; it seems so impossible now. Maybe once you get spoiled with quiet, two hours chunks for writing, it’s hard to go back.

How are the last weeks of summer break treating you? Write down your Takes then link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Coordinating outfits are overrated.

    I’ve noticed a cycle for the last few years of saying, “Oh, good! Summer’s coming and then I will finally get some stuff done!” only for the summer to be busier and saying in August, “Glad I made it through this summer! I will definitely get things done once school starts.” Repeat for infinity.

  2. What a great family photo! Yay for quick takes! I am big on “done is better than perfect” for writing. And I don’t know why it is that I have so much more time to write during the school year. Summer is just so busy. Thank you for hosting the quick takes!

  3. It is a beautiful picture. Have you ever gone to the Assumption Mass in OCNJ? (I know the beach takes extra planning for your family.)

  4. With instagram’s microblogging, it’s harder and harder for me to turn on my laptop and write a decent blog post. But I am still doing it 🙂
    My go-to’s are always my Sunday Best and WHAT I WORE SUNDAY linkup and seven quick takes. I have been doing it since Jen hosted it. It’s something that I know I can always go back to. I am glad you are still hosting it despite the quiet blog phase 🙂
    I love the family photo. I just gasped because the children are all grown up. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???!

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