{SQT} Actually, Just One Knock Off


It’s tech week people. Cut me some blogging slack. I’m performing for a paying crowd for the next three days. Pray for good weather, because our parish needs the money for a new roof. Last night I performed for my kids and husband, which is always my most nerve-wracking performance. Thankfully, they thought  I did awesome and Fulton was situated far enough in the back so that his cries of “IS IT OVER YET?!” were only slightly audible during the final scene.

The toughest part was missing the final episode of Minor Revisions. I came home and read through some of the tweets but it wasn’t quite the same. I was most bummed about not qualifying to win one of these stellar mugs designed by CPA by day, artist by night Joe Fulwiler. So, I created one of my own versions to drown my sorrows in.

Photo on 2-8-13 at 10.37 AM #2

Of course this morning I wake up and discover I can simply buy one myself. I don’t know if it’s worth it though. They’re pretty similar looking. I hope there’s not an issue with copyright infringement or anything.

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume next week with a guaranteed 25% more sass and 67% more deep insight….or maybe just more sass. We’ll see. Swing by Jen and the rest of the pony lovers at Conversion Diary. 

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  1. Wishing your parish great weather so lots of peeps venture out to see your performance!! (Hopefully you are no where near us, we are getting slammed with a snow storm) Anyway, enjoy your performances!! Great mug, and you are too funny Colleen Martin~~ 🙂

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