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It’s already the middle of summer and all around me I see friends, family and fellow bloggers dropping off the face of the virtual world as they enjoy the beautiful weather and numerous over-commitments that this season brings. Two weddings, a picnic, family vacation and bible school? Sounds great for the first week of July right?!

As a blogger, I understand that my fellow writers might be hard pressed to continue posting at their usual rate. Or that hours in the sun may have zapped their creative juices. I get it, I really do, and that’s why I’m here to help with my Mad Libs-style writing prompts. Did I just say Mad Libs? Yes, totally, out loud and everything. Next time you’re wondering what to write and question the value in sharing 32,523,456 camping photos, simply pick one of my templates, copy and paste it over to your blog, fill in the blanks, flesh it out, tack on a conclusion and viola!, engaged and interested readers!

1. First up, the inspirational mommy blogger post.

Yesterday, I  (verb) with all the kids in tow, and it struck me how (adverb) life, will (verb) with these (plural noun) of mine. Many people would say (exclamation) and let (noun) take a backseat, or simply not notice all the (adjective) masterpiece that (noun) creates for us. As a mom, when I struggle, I find (adjective) from (noun) and I want to (verb) every mom who (verb) to do the same. You can. We can. (Noun) can. Together, everything is possible for our kids, without sacrificing our (noun).

2. Next, a controversial mommy wars post, for when you want to start a combox war you can moderate on vacation (much to the delight of your husband.)

What would you say, if I told you (plural noun) were illegal? You’d think it (adjective) right? So then why do we tolerate other (plural noun) doing (verb)? If your child asked you to (verb) how could you (verb)? Parents who allow their kids to (adverb) (verb), are setting them up for a lifetime of failure and (noun). And those children as adults are ill-equipped to (verb). Common sense should show that any parent makes the better (adjective) decision by (verb) and being straight forward from the start.

3. The spiritual reflection.

In a moment of stress last night, I opened the bible and stumbled across these words (open Bible, select three verses, put them down in quotes) and I knew God was speaking to me through these (adjective) words. Especially, “(list three words that fall in a row)”. (Exclamation), they just (verb) me over the head like a ton of (noun). I reflected on my actions of the day and recalled several times when I (past tense verb) and (past tense verb) without thinking. How (adjective), I thought. But here, right in front of me was God himself saying “(same three words)” to (adverb)(verb) me.

4. A typical day in the life.

The morning started out (adjective) but by lunch, I knew we needed to get out of the (noun). Thankfully, the weather was (adjective) and made towing all (number) kids only slightly more (adjective) than usual. Immediately, the (-ing verb) for food began, and I was forced to find a drive-thru. The guy working the window was so kind as to utter “(exclamation)” before dropping the bag of (plural nouns) on my (body part.) His manager’s offer of a free (noun) did nothing for the pain that was now (adverb) spreading through my (different body part).

5. Fashion post, with a picture you can Photoshop your head onto! Or not. Maybe your readers won’t notice it’s not you.

I’d never bought a (brand name) (piece of clothing) before, but on the recommendation of a friend, I gave it a shot. I didn’t bother asking my husband’s opinion as the (adjective) look he gave me spoke volumes, but I decided to wear the (same piece of clothing) when I went (verb) with the kids. First off, I couldn’t get over how (adjective) it felt, but the sensation didn’t last once I (adverb) (verb) and adjusted its (noun). The (color) pattern got lots of (adjective) compliments, which I didn’t expect at all.

Mom fashion
Even my hair was (adjective) that day!

6. A crafty post for all the struggling Martha Stewart’s out there.

Today I wanted to show you how to make a (noun) using nothing but (element from the Periodic table), (something in your pantry right now), and (glitter, sequins, pony beads, pipe cleaners or duct tape: pick one). I’ve made several and had (number) friends tell me how (adjective) it looked. But it’s not that hard, really! First take (same element from the Periodic table) and (verb) it with a small mallet until it starts to (verb). Next, apply a (adjective) layer of (same pantry item). Repeat this step (number) until your craft resembles a small (vegetable). Finally, and you’ll need gloves for this step, (verb) the craft in (selected craft supply) and blow. Whatever you do, don’t inhale!

7. For my last take, I thought I’d show you, with the help of my kids,  how a completed Mad Libs writing prompt might look. I’m using prompt #1.

Yesterday, I  pooped with all the kids in tow, and it struck me how sickly life, will scream with these toilets of mine. Many people would say “Booger!” and let farts take a backseat, or simply not notice all the silly masterpieces that pickles create for us. As a mom, when I struggle, I find slimy from cheese and I want to vomit every mom who picks their nose to do the same. You can. We can. Butts can. Together, everything is possible for our kids, without sacrificing our pizza crusts.

On second thought, you may not want to get your kids input, unless you really need to make a point about bowel habits. Let me know if you give one of my Mad Libs prompts a try!


  1. You are the bestest best. By “resembles a small (vegetable)”, I really was laughing out loud. It does sometimes feel like everything’s been written before already, doesn’t it?

  2. Well, isn’t this perfect timing!? We’re leaving for vacation in 3 hours. The “inspirational mommy” post goes live on my blog on Tuesday morning. Thank you! 🙂

  3. These are the best! I may use one for each day next week 🙂 All us bloggers think we’re coming up with unique and awesome content, but a quick reality check from Kelly and our all our illusions of grandeur disappear and everyone realizes it’s all just the same old stuff regurgitated over and over again 🙂 Thanks for another (adj.) post!

  4. I’m a few days past my due date with number three and laughing so hard I’m either going to pee, poo, or give birth.

    1. If this post sends you in to labor, you have to let everyone know. Move over pineapple and caster oil; say hello to the new mover and shaker in town!

  5. Have been verbing hysterically at this. Even the comments are adjective, and Karen’s has me laughing my noun off.

    1. EVERYONE needs to click through on the ping back and read your post. SO HILARIOUS. You just can’t go wrong with Mad Libs.

  6. Just found your blog via Christine (in the coop) and I’m laughing so much my eyes are streaming, especially after Karen’s comment.

    I don’t do quick takes on my blog but when it gets to winter and I’m stuck for something to write I’ll do a Mad Lib – should be very interesting! 🙂

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