{SQT} After the Storm


UPDATE: We have power! [happy dance]

Breaking the rules and doing just one take due to time constraints.

Coming to you this week through the generosity of my in-law’s wi-fi connection and electricity. You might have seen in the news about some severe storms that hit New Jersey (and a good chunk of the Mid-Atlantic) this week. Powerful gusts of wind and sudden downpours have led to massive power outages and flooding. We are very¬†fortunate¬†that our house is fine except for a few pieces of siding that blew off. But our poor trampoline went to the great jump zone in the sky. The storm came on so fast and furious, we had no sooner risen from the dining table at the sound of sudden gusts than we saw our trampoline flying across the yard and into a massive maple. Thankfully, it missed our van, car and barn. Tony might have muttered, “So long as it stays against the tree.” right before a giant branch dropped off the maple and completely crunched the trampoline. But hey, at least there was no chance of it blowing away now.

That tangled black and blue mess is our trampoline and “No kids, we can’t fix it.”

The power went out shortly after that and last we heard, it could be Sunday before it’s restored. Thankfully, my in-laws power was restored already and we’ve been able to recharge devices, Fulton’s medical¬†equipment¬†and transfer some cold food to their refrigerator. Other friends let us use their generator to recharge the boys powerchairs (and¬†gave¬†me my fill of Sangria-WOOT!) since my in-laws live in a second story¬†apartment.

Some black walnut trees around the chicken coop just exploded.

We’re lucky to still have water (cold, cold water), a working gas stove and plenty of candles. We’re hosting our annual Nativity of St. John the Baptist party this weekend and all plans are a go, electricity or no. Because if¬†medieval¬†folks can party and host a bonfire, so can the Mantoans. Plus Tony’s got two cases of home brew he’s dying to break out. We just have to cut up that nasty branch on top of our trampoline so we can also get to the grill.

Since I don’t have a smart phone, and a local Verizon tower went down for most of Wednesday, I felt totally cut off from the outside world for a bit. It gave family¬†plenty¬†of reason to worry that we were all dead. We’re such a connected society these days that the inability to instantly reach someone quickly becomes a reason for worry.

Edie’s artistic interpretation of the storm. Me looking out the window, her sobbing and Tony… looking like he might kill us both???

So say a prayer we get power back soon because the novelty of living the Little House life is quickly wearing off. And since the kids math programs are online, they’re all falling behind and don’t no one want to do math into July.

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  1. Kelly, so glad you’re okay. Sorry about the trampoline, and love the artwork. And thank you for putting up 7 QT even though you clearly had a good excuse not to. We appreciate it.

    1. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night or power outages, stays this blogger from the swift completion of her appointed takes.

  2. Af few years ago we had several bad storms here around D.C. on the weekend. When I went into Mass, it took me a few minutes to realize what was different. No lights, no amplified sounds system. At first I thought, “The power is off”. Then I started thinking about how many more Masses in the history of the world did not use electricity for many hundreds of years before we started always using electricity. Then, the priest held up the Host and said “This is my body which is given up for you” and God came to the altar, and I thought “We have all the power we need here”. Now, when the electricity goes out I just say “the electricity is out”. But we still have plenty of power.

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