{SQT} In Here, It’s Always FRIDAY…and don’t you dare forget it!

seven quick takes friday 2

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I always look forward to seeing y’all around here. In fact hosting Quick Takes has made today my favorite day of the week…. well, that and the fact that it’s the end of a school week, Woohoo! And my kids think they’re excited…

I was reminded of this feeling the other week as we pulled out of the YMCA parking lot and faced a T.G.I Friday’s restaurant. Byron read the sign aloud, “‘In here it’s always Friday’. What do they mean?”

“Well, just that Friday is the favorite day of the week, everyone is happy, because they’re done working and have the weekend ahead of them,” I responded, while deeply inhaling the fumes of fried goodies that wafted across the parking lot.

To which Tony pointed out that Friday is actually a very penitential day, and in reality a “Friday’s” restaurant should be somber and reverent all the time rather than an ongoing Mardi Gras.

So this week, seven features of a real T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant.

1. A better motto. Indeed;

THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY, BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU’D BE GOING TO HELL.  In here it’s always Friday, the day Our Lord died for your sins, so act accordingly. 

2. No meat, ever. We specialize in all varieties of lentils, beans and vegetable soup. Seafood? You must be thinking of the Fish Filet offered at heathen establishments like McDonald’s.

3. We encourage our servers to sport a different variety of flair.

no flair

4. Partake of your meal at our long, communal table with uncomfortable wooden chairs. We will expect mothers to nurse all children under the age of five, thus there is no need for high chairs.  

5. Each table has a shaker of salt and one of bitter herbs, lest you enjoy your food too much.

6. On your birthday you’re presented with a skull, and your waiter, along with several others will surround your table and solemnly chant Dies Irae to remind you that to dust you shall return.

7. Unhappy hours are from 12-3p.m., in which we observe total silence. Drink specials on tap… water; all you want for free.

Mmmmmm, tastes great! Less filling!

Any venture capital groups want to jump on this idea?

Link up below with the url of your Quick Takes. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts!

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  1. Well, I just got my tax return, and I’m looking to invest! 😉 That student loan can wait. This will really catch on. I just KNOW it!

  2. This is great! Truly, I have no idea how some people (yourself at the forefront) have so much wit at their fingertips. I was equal parts laughing and equal parts impressed.

    I sound like such a nerd.

    First time linking up with you Kelly! Love your blog!

  3. I’m going to recommended they provide wet nurses for those of us with more than two children under the age of 5 – how am I supposed to nurse all four at once??? Discrimination, Kelly. DISCRIMINATION!!!

  4. Don’t you just wish that Friday could be like, on Wednesday during the work week and not on Friday because Friday is all the fun but then it’s not and then you feel all the Catholic guilt??? Friday should definitely not be part of the weekend. But then again, maybe I just don’t enjoy my penance enough and need to spend some time at your restaurant 😉

  5. Oh, man. That was *hilarious*! I actually laughed out loud. There was actual laughter happening, and that does not usually happen when I read blogs. I am going to have to stick around.

    Follow-up post: What changes when it’s a Friday solemnity (a.k.a. #MeatDay)?

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