{SQT} Buy a Present, Help a Friend

seven quick takes friday 2

1.When I said I would compile a gift guide of items created by other bloggers, I wasn’t thinking of the approximately 3,452,039 bloggers who’ve got a side hustle. It hardly seems appropriate to limit my guide to seven bloggers, seven items, or even seven categories. In a stroke of genius (and slight desperation late on a Thursday night) I decided the best option would be to create and share some Pinterest boards. That way, I can add endless amounts of bloggers in various categories without revising this post a million times and topping out at 50,000+ words. If you want to shop handmade for Christmas, why not support your favorite blogger at the same time? You know your money is supporting the coffee / wine habit of a deserving lady.

2. The first board is titled “Catholic Bloggers Who Are Selling You Something Great”. Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll recognize many of the ladies who contributed to Link-toberfest as well as several new faces. It’s a little bit of everything and it’s all pretty awesome.


Follow Kelly’s board Catholic Bloggers Who Are Selling You Something Great on Pinterest.

  3. Next is the updated “Catholic Women and the Books the Write” board (originally featured in this post.) Am I missing your favorite blogger’s book? Let me know! Small Catholic publishing houses thank you!


    Follow Kelly’s board Catholic Women and the Books They Write on Pinterest.


4. Maybe your favorite blogger doesn’t do anything but post occasionally and take care of her family. (There’s a few left!) Check their sidebar!!! Many of us participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. that means any time you click-through to Amazon from our blog and purchase anything (not just what we may link to) we get a tiny percentage of that sale. I don’t know any blogger who is making a killing on affiliate sales, but I know for me that extra money helps purchase medical supplies, school books and everything else I can’t find at Target. So look for an Amazon ad or link to an Amazon product (I also have a sidebar ad that links to a shop I set up of recommended items) and click-through when you know you need to order something. It doesn’t cost you anything and it gives a little something back to your favorite blogger.

5. In general, the sidebars of your favorite bloggers are good places to shop. Is one of them selling essential oils, books or hair accessories through a well-known company you usually shop or have considered trying?  Send some business their way! Are there ads for companies you’d shop from anyway? Clickty click!! Chances are you’ll find some new handmade or small family businesses too!

6. Although I don’t have a comprehensive list, I know a few bloggers offer other professional services, such as photography, graphic design or interior decorating. Do you live local to such a blogger or have someone on your gift list who does? Check out options for gift certificates! And bloggers, don’t hesitate to mention your credentials online. You never know when an opportunity to use those skills may pop up from an online connection.

7. Lastly, my present to Anabelle Hazard from ‘Written by the Finger of God’, is that she won the opportunity to host Seven Quick Takes on a Friday of her choosing in December. Thank you to everyone who entered. I loved reading your entries and would happily turn over Quick Takes to any of y’all at some point down the road when I need a week off. (And Anabelle I’ll be emailing you later today….hopefully.)

If I forgot your business, know I already feel horrible about it. Shoot me an email or leave a link in the comments. I’ll add it lickety split to the appropriate board. Don’t forget to link up your Takes below! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!!


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