{SQT} Costume Deets, A Sudden Sacrament, and Book Disappointments

Welcome to November- go pray for some souls!

Edie, who wants to live in any decade but this one, decided to make her own jester costume based on this historical photo.

She took liberties with the hat since she wanted a less “Yoda ears” look.

We purchased two green and two purple shirts at Goodwill, plus a pair of purple scrubs. From them she was able to create the whole shebang! I was super impressed with the finished product and overjoyed I didn’t need to help, except to offer a few pointers.

Oh, and this was what she decided to create because she “didn’t know what else to make”.

I finished Fulton and Teddy’s Halloween costumes with time to spare. If they ever decide to wear these costumes to a local comic con, I’ll probably add more pieces, but I figured they had the most important components, and it would save me time in getting them ready.

Fulton is Solider 76 from Overwatch. I found a free mask template (which I had to alter only slightly) with this YouTube tutorial.
This shot shows the volleyball jacket I purchased at Goodwill and then transformed into S76’s jacket with colored duct tape.
Teddy is Reaper from Overwatch. I purchased a template for the mask off Etsy and followed the creators video tutorials (link to Etsy shop in the description). The armor is from Dollar Tree and was spray painted black. The shotgun shells across his chest are altered toilet paper tubes. The cape is a costume staple we’ve recycled for many years.
The masks are made of 5mm EVA foam and held together with hot glue. I used the heat gun for shaping. I added elastic straps with hot glue as well. Color was added with spray paint and high quality acrylic paint ( i.e. NOT the washable acrylic paint from Dollar Tree). Teddy wore a black ski mask under his mask which was perfect given the cold weather.

I actually had time to craft a quick mask for myself out of leftover foam. Knowing it’d be a chilly night, and that I’d be outside in my long black coat, plus we’re still in a pandemic, so why not a plague doctor mask? I found a great free template with a video tutorial.

The only problem was, the mask was a bit intimidating to some of the younger trick or treaters. Plus, it didn’t really match my bubbly Halloween personality. We didn’t get a ton of kids, so when I saw some, I was all “Happy Halloween! Come take some treats off the table! I LoVE YoUr COStuME!!!!” Kids and parents didn’t quite know what to make of a plague doctor gushing about the joys of the season. Plus, Byron was dressed as a scarecrow next to our table with the hope of startling some youngsters. So I guess the sight of us together didn’t really set anyone at ease. But ultimately everyone had a fun evening and we wrapped up the night watching old Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes.

That scarecrow is TOTALLY a decoration. Not a mischievous teenager…just treats at this house!

We got a date for Edie’s Confirmation: November 11. Thankfully, even with the short notice, both sets of grandparents can attend. It will be a small, short ceremony, and we’ll just do a small dinner back at the house, but more than anything else, we’re glad that Edie will finally get the Sacrament.

My editor let me know my new book release date is October 2021. Sigh. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. But, I don’t want to talk about it. Everything in God’s time I guess.

Thank you for your prayers regarding my request last week. Basically, we’re appealing to keep 12 hours of nursing care for Fulton, as well adjusting to the news that our preferred children’s hospital will no longer be accepting the boys insurance December 1st. I’m not sure how the nursing appeal will play out, but I *think* the second insurance issue is just about resolved. More phone calls on the agenda for today!

How was your week? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Hey, so, just a quick thank you for hosting us and sharing your costumes with us. I don’t know why, but I totally related to the idea of being a cheery plague doctor.

  2. I just love the Overwatch costumes, they turned out great! And I’m impressed your daughter put hers together herself!

  3. Wow, all the costumes are amazing. I have to show my boys the Overwatch costumes, which are so well done. I’m sorry about your book news. 🙁

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