{SQT} Crafts, Field Trips, and Coffee

Still no progress on those jack-o-laterns. Maybe this weekend.

1. Admittedly, I got side tracked by all the cool crafts in The Creative Home Projects Bundle. I wasn’t going to do any more bundle promos this year, but I snapped up this bundle because it contains tons of projects and tutorials I’ve been saving on Pinterest anyway. It’s less than $20 and on sale until midnight tonight. If you’ve been crafty in quarantine, or are looking for some great handmade Christmas gift ideas, be sure to check it out. Sale is over!

2. We did manage to take a field trip. The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum has been on my to visit list for a few years. But Fulton and Teddy have the biggest interest in U.S. military history, so I made an executive decision to check it out. The boys had pretty much the entire museum, which is inside my dream home (an airplane hanger- large, open, and accessible), to themselves. I took along my real camera to try to snap some memoriable photos.

Look at all that flat, open space!! And it’s filled with planes and weapons!
Teddy with some firepower.
We also visited Cape May Point State Park to check out the boardwalk trail through the wetlands. Plus, bonus lighthouse views!

3. I realized while we were in the Outer Banks earlier in the year, that I couldn’t capture photos the way I had the last time we visited. On our last OBX trip, years ago, I’d taken most of my pictures with my Canon DSLR. But I stopped lugging it around a few years back and relied exclusively on my iPhone for all my photos since. It occurred to me that while the camera on my phone is handy, and very good, it’s not a “real” camera with an adjustable lens. Seeing the difference between this year’s OBX shots, and those from before, inspired me to dig out my DSLR and try to take more pictures with my “real” camera again. Our field trip was the first time I actually remembered to charge the battery and take it along anywhere. I was so rusty, I couldn’t even remember all the camera’s basic settings. But it was fun. I’m looking forward to relying on it more, especially as I take photos more with an eye towards posterity and fine art again (not that that’s apparent from the pics above) vs. what will look good on social media.

4. I’m really trying to make up for all the field trips Fulton and Teddy have missed over the last three years. Next month, Tony and I will take Fulton and Teddy to Gettysburg for a few days (while the older three get one on one time with my parents), and there’s a few more historic sites and museums in the area I hope to visit while schools aren’t taking field trips and/or the weather’s nice. Next week we’re off school but, I think I’m going to be too busy finishing costumes to attempt anything but a library outing.

5. I find a week off at the end of October is always a welcome respite for the kids and I. By this point, I’m usually starting to slack off in my routine as well as second guess all my curriculum choices. After a week focused on Halloween and a glut of candy, I’m usually able to jump back into things and keep going knowing Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and Christmas break is inching closer too. But honestly, I shouldn’t complain. Homeschooling is going pretty well….I will just love it more after a week off.

6. Wondering what that ‘Buy me a coffee!’ link at the top is about? Okay, well I’m telling you anyway. Basically, it’s a way for people to support my work with as little as a $3 donation (as much as a Starbucks mocha latte grande coconut milk frappe moolatta ex-squeezopoly). I like writing and creating stuff for my friends and readers. People who subscribe to my blog, newsletter, and support me through ko-fi.com motivate me to keep writing. Social media followers are great, but unfortunately due to algorithms, people who only follow me on Facebook or Instagram don’t always know when I’m posting. And frankly, I’m tired of sharing anything on those platforms knowing 1.) most of my followers won’t see it, and 2.) any useful information I share on those sites won’t be easy to find down the road; it just gets lost in the scroll and is forgotten after a few days. If you like what I write, please subscribe to my newsletter, and if you’re so inclined, buy me a coffee. Especially as my book release approaches, or any other writing projects develop, I will offer goodies to my supporters through those avenues first. Once I hit five “coffees” what would you like to see? A live Q&A? An exclusive ebook? An in person meetup? Photos of me doing something ridiculous? Let me know- and thank you for your support!

7. Now that I’ve finished watching Mad Men, I’ve started watching movies on Amazon Prime while I cook dinner (which is my “prime” viewing time). What have you watched for free on Prime lately? I’ve tried a few Wes Anderson movies, and the 80’s classic Heathers. I’m also open to any TV series recommendations. Just nothing too scary, or heavy. I don’t want to cry into my potatoes at dinner.

I hope you’ve got some fun fall plans scheduled for the weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to drink mimosas at a ladies church function. Yay fall! Write down your plans then link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. 1.) My daily latté is close to $5.

    2.) The TV series I always recommend is “Leverage”. It’s kind of a Robin Hood kind of show but funny.

  2. I really like Leverage, too! Clever plans, good character & relationship development. Plus, all 5 actors are *really good*, and work well together (Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge, Chris Kane, & Beth Riesgraf).
    Another fun series, if you like Leverage, is White Collar. Again, clever thieving, and great relationship complications/development.
    Call the Midwife is a great series for showcasing the values of family, community, and religion in society; amazingly, PBS shows nuns in a good light! ABC’s 6-season Once Upon A Time is not only really fun fairy tale but stresses several Gospel themes such as sacrifice, true love, hope, redemption, making choices, consequences, the effects of evil, the goodness of family and friends, and how beautiful it is when truth and goodness triumph.

    1. Oops ? — OUAT is 7 seasons; I forgot that bc I didn’t care for the reboot of the 7th season.

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