{SQT} Deschooling, Girls’ Weekend, And Seriousness

Well, another week has gone by so I think it’s safe to say I will NOT be updating last Friday’s post.

1. Summer is kicking my butt. It’s all very lovely butt kicking mind you; filled with sun, surf, and tons of memories I hope no one will hold against me. But I’m exhausted. Even though I’m over my cold (which was the first I’d had in more than a year), sleep is elusive and I realize how much my energy level is dependent on how much care-giving I need to do during the day. Now that both boys are home, there’s a lot more lifting, running around, and entertaining, and less moving through the day at my own pace getting stuff done. Don’t take this to mean I’m unhappy and wishing school would start, but if you stop by my house, now you know why I look disheveled and everyone is in dirty clothes (with sporadic patches of sunburn on their faces and extremities).

2. Teddy especially had to do some serious deschooling before we could really enjoy summer. I’d heard the term deschooling in regards to kids who’d spent years in school and then had a hard time adjusting to homeschooling. I’d read about struggling parents in such a situation who were advised to give their children an adjustment period to “deschool” and get used to the new routine of homeschooling. Since we’d never had kids in school before, I couldn’t quite figure out what that meant. And then school wrapped up for Teddy and I quickly learned.

At school, Teddy is constantly moved from one activity or subject to the next and if he drops something or needs assistance in any way, there are aides, a teacher and literally tons of kids willing to help him at a moments notice. Without a stimulating day in school Teddy complained constantly about not knowing what to do. Of course he requested his tablet…repeatedly, but we don’t increase screen time over the summer. That left the 2,436,029 toys and books, none of which he wanted. He also didn’t like the fact that if he needed something, he had to wait, sometimes minutes, for someone to help him. All kids can whine and be impatient but unlike any summer prior, Teddy really struggled to entertain himself that first week. I did plan some special activities and outings, but, as I heard myself repeating multiple times, “It is not my job to entertain you!” Certainly, Fulton and Teddy need help to play but they are perfectly capable of doing certain things (beyond screens) independently or with minimal assistance.

Thankfully, we’ve made it over the hump. Days at home are no longer filled with whining and Teddy has rediscovered the joy in many of his favorite toys and activity books, or the thrill of driving around the yard at top speed while his chair falls apart. The only monkey wrench can be the extra junk food or lack of sleep that seems to creep into many of our summer outings. #boardwalkfood #deepfryitall #blessed

3. Since the beginning of July, we’ve managed to visit the beach, a splash pad, a pool and the bay; the four major water groups. Maybe we’ll take in a lake, babbling brook or estuary by the end of the month but chances are, we’ll be at the Atlantic several more times instead.

The Mobi-Chair continues to impress in all water conditions.

4. Other highlights included a GIRLS’ WEEKEND for me, camp for Addie, time with family, and Amazon purchases with gift cards we’d all forgotten about. Yay for the slew of new talking action figures!!!!

I’d never had a weekend away with my college roommates before and thankfully, we all had the same goals; talking, drinking, snacking, sitting on the beach, and sleeping in. It was the most relaxing weekend I’ve experienced in a long time. Re-entry was difficult. I went from no one needing me and speed-balling Dove chocolates and gummi bears to everyone screaming my name and the dog incessantly licking my legs. #plusloudactionfigures #momlife #blessed

5. Regular readers know that I am highly regarded as a Catholic writer by pretty much everyone. So it will come as no surprise that I’m giving a talk entitled “How to be a Terribly Serious Catholic Writer” at the upcoming Catholic Writers Guild Conference (held in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show)  in my hometown of Lancaster, PA from July 31 to August 3. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn the right way to write seriously about serious topics of interest to serious Catholics to stop by my talk on Friday August 3. I will also be passing out business cards and trying to “network” and “sound professional” throughout the rest of the day. I’d love to see you and awkwardly exchange greetings!

6. In other writing news Bonnie is pitting blogger against blogger in another round of the Sheenazing Awards! I was hoping for cage matches this year, but you’ll have to settle for old-fashioned voting instead. I feel like quite a bit has changed in the blogosphere since the last round of awards so I’m looking forward to discovering some new blogs and hopefully uncovering something to heckle someone about….in a totally good-natured and/ or serious way (or maybe egging someone into a cage match but no promises.)

7. Behind the scenes I am also trying to work on things like writing a book, submit posts to The Mighty, read ‘War and Peace’, plan a conference for Catholic special needs parents, and continue to speak more…none of which is moving along especially quickly for some reason. There are also THREE BOXES of school papers I’m avoiding sorting because that large chunk of my kitchen floor has nothing better to do.

How is your summer? Relaxing? Productive? Write it down then link it up below! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!







  1. Glad you could get away for a girls’ weekend! I had my first one this spring. I never knew 48 hours could be so RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING. 😉

  2. Anything with a battery gets an immediate lobotomy in our house. There is enough noise going on in here without adding to it electronically!

    Sounds like your summer is going really well (after the initial adjustment!)–so glad to hear it!

  3. I want to know more about your plans for a conference for Catholic special needs parents. I’m only 2 years in and exhausted!!!

    1. Still finalizing details but as soon as things are squared away, I will be sharing all the details!! I know the need is out there!

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