{SQT} Of The Divine Nature

Coming back to Quick Takes after a few weeks off, with all the fanfare befitting a deity, because;


Image (2)

The older kids were way too quick in correcting him. I should’ve been allowed to enjoy my immortal status a bit longer.

Oh wait I can because, BOOM, nectar of the gods!


photo (78)

Okay, now before I get covered with sores and/or locusts I’ll stop.

Uttered loudly during last weekend’s 40 hours procession;



Mon-STRANCE Fulton.  Just smile and pray, smile and pray. Nobody is questioning our ability to raise our children in the faith. Moving along.

In discussing Siri, a feature I never use, but which Addie would engage in conversation with for hours;


Image (3)

Byron is less impressed. Now, make Siri sound like Vadar, and you’ll be onto something.

5. Addie’s logical argument for nursing care;

Me: Man, Pizza Hut sounds really good right now, but that would make me so sick.

Addie: I don’t understand why you just don’t eat some and get sick. Pizza Hut is so good, I’d just eat it and get sick.

Me: Because I have too many responsibilities to be laid up in bed all day.

Addie: This is why we need a nurse.

Me: So I can have the luxury of eating Pizza Hut?

Addie: Yes.

6. Cute picture of Edie in which she demonstrates her knowledge of the alphabet and phonetic spelling.

photo (77)


7. Lastly, I leave you with a huge time sink / online babysitter; How It Should Have Ended. Some of the clips get a bit PG but everyone sits so quietly for so long I can pretend I didn’t hear anything.

For more ways to occupy your time, be sure to swing by to Conversion Diary for the rest of the ticky takers.


  1. My kids just showed me Dumb Ways to Die on Youtube…funny, and a little PG also. Sounds right up your alley! And you make me want to drink that whole 6 pack of cider – dern pregnancy ruins everything!

  2. I’d be all over that cider if I could drink. (It’s not for religious reasons — my liver and I just have a pact that I won’t abuse it with alcohol and in exchange, it doesn’t crap out on me before I hit old age. So far, I’m keeping up my end of the bargain but it’s refusing to do so.)

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