{SQT} Edits, An Injury, And A Good Use For Facebook

Time for Seven Quick Takes!

I turned in the completed second round of edits for my book last weekend. I wanted Tony to read over a couple new sections before turning it back over to my Our Sunday Visitor editor. I added a short conclusion to the book, and it was weird for me to try to sum up the whole thing in 5-800 words (as suggested). I’ve been writing this book in one form or another for years now (maybe five?). So much has happened since I first sat down at Panera Bread on Saturday and started typing. During the first round of edits (turned in last February) I’d already added chapters that contained stories from the last couple years. Now we’re even further out from the events in the book and it’s just weird to see the finite sliver of time captured in this book. The blog keeps growing and updating and changing. My social media posts always share the latest, and newest, updates. But this book will always be “stuck” for lack of a better term, at the point it was written. All non-fiction books are like this of course, but it’s a strange feeling now that it’s my story. Anywho- fingers still crossed for a fall 2021 release! I’m trying to warm Tony up to a cross country road trip for “promotion”. Where should I plan to stop????

Byron dislocated his elbow while learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a little while back. It was popped back in place in the ER, but due to insurance issues, I couldn’t find/ get a follow up appointment with an orthopedic doctor until Wednesday. Having no experience with dislocations, I was kinda thinking he’d be out of commission for a couple weeks. But low and behold it is actually kind of a big deal and he’s out of work, driving practice, classes at the gym, all of it, for four to six weeks. He’s disappointed but not complaining and thankfully not in pain. Sleeping and typing are the hardest parts, but he’s managing. And most important, he’s still able to do his laundry, compete schoolwork and unload the dishwasher. (Don’t worry, I’m being extra kind to him! )

I’m behind in newsletter publication because I want to get a new house tour filmed first. But I also want to clean it first, however, I’ve decided I’m filming the tour this weekend (so long as it doesn’t rain) clean house be damned so subscribe for the first look, or wait for the link next week.

Last week Teddy’s super expensive medicine was delivered to the wrong address. The medicine is shipped once a month with ice because it needs to stay cold. Our specialty pharmacy always tells us when to expect delivery and we’ve never had a problem until last Friday. Saturday I called to track the package and it was supposedly delivered at 11 a.m. the previous day. We walked around our street and checked our neighbors porches with no luck. I started to panic. Enter Facebook! I went our town’s (least dramatic) informal group page and asked for help. We live on West Pleasant; could the package be on East Pleasant or Pleasant Mills Road? Within 15 minutes our package was found two blocks south. Within 30 minutes of posting, I was able to walk over, retrieve the medicine, walk home, and thank everyone for their help. For all the problems with social media, this was one instance where it really served a good purpose.

Who else is watching WandaVision? I was only going to watch it because the kids wanted to see it, but I got sucked in and really enjoy it. We all watch it together on Friday nights and then discuss it for days afterwards. Usually because Teddy and Fulton have ideas they keep wanting to rehash with everyone. We have a lot of theories on how things will wrap up. I keep telling the kids I like it more than The Mandolorian, but apparently that’s the only opinion you’re not allowed to have in this house. Whatever…

I set a New Year’s resolution for myself to read more, but hadn’t been doing well picking out books that were engaging. Thankfully, Tony and I went to a bookstore over the weekend and I found several titles from my ‘To Read’ list on the clearance shelf. Now it’s easier to choose a book over YouTube at bedtime and I’m finally making progress. It’s also easier to avoid the temptation to check social media during the day when I’ve got an interested read close at hand. And in case you’re wondering, no I didn’t finish the book I chose for Advent, but maybe for Lent. …for realz.

Short and sweet for this week. Write down your own Takes and link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. This is the second story about problems with prescription medication delivery that I’ve read on a blog this week. My daughter also takes a super expensive prescription medication that we receive by mail; here’s hoping that we don’t have any problems with that any time soon.

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