{SQT} Embrace the Cliche

I’m going to apologize up front for the gratuitous use of my face in this post. However these pictures, captured mostly at the end of a long day and sans makeup, are proof of my love affair with my new iPod touch. If I was in middle school, I would be the hottest thing this side of the equator. But because I’m just an old lady too cheap to buy an iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter, I’m just slightly above “lame.”

No matter. My new blue iPod touch with matching wrist strap(!) is the most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I got a Kindle two years ago (and the births of my children, wedding, blah, blah, blah.) When I told Tony I wanted the iPod 5th Gen. because it had a wrist strap he was like “You’re not actually going to wear it around on your wrist all the time are you?” And I was like, “No, of course not. I’m making a lanyard so I can rock it around my neck.” You know it.

Plus, it means I get to feed my social media addiction by joining Instagram. I’ve already got a button up on my sidebar that links to the two photos on my profile; won’t you join me??¬†Although my digital Rebel will always be my go to for planned shots, I’m still way too excited to finally have a decent point and shoot at my disposal. It’s heads and tails above the¬†Pointillism¬†quality photos my old cell phone afforded me. Once I was done stroking and caressing the iPod for the day, I uploaded my interpretations of¬†seven common smart phone/Instagram style photos.

7. (Starting at the end as a nod to Bec.) The bathroom self-portrait.

Where my baby daddy at? Oh yeah, he took the kids to scouts tonight. Self portrait time!

6. Instagram-ed boring shot made artsy and magical by the use of filters!

He’s just reading a book but it’s so deep and meaningful with a Hefe filter dropped on him. I think he actually looks smarter here.

5. The food shot or “I think strangers care about what I ate once the kids were in bed.”

Sour gummy worms and cheap Chianti; no shame here. Just living the dream.

4. Lots of blurry pictures with the kids, mostly taken to keep them from screaming and at the cost of my iPod getting all manhandled by their grubby paws.

Look at the glowing screen Teddy; doesn’t it make you feel sleepy? Maybe just a little?
I think that smile is hurting his teeth.

I hope the grandparents are satisfied with these.

3. How every mom feels at the end of the day. Wait, I don’t know if I’ve seen very many of these in my Pinterest feed. Can’t someone stick an inspirational quote on this?

Teddy’s coming in for the kill.

2. ¬†A sunset! Squeeee! For all those evenings when I can’t get to the Canon fast enough, now I have the iPod to capture the watercolor spectacle. Behold God’s handiwork. I SAID BEHOLD IT!

1.The Meme. I’m not really adept at creating viral memes so please forgive me. Today’s unfunny attempt is in honor of the upcoming Office Space Twitter party hosted by Cari and Dwija that I was looking forward to all week until I realized I can’t participate because I HAVE PLAY PRACTICE. AAAAAAAA! Never before have I considered praying for laryngitis.

The only reason this has a leg to stand on is because my cat has a Milton mustache.

Are you frantically searching for the link to join my Instagram feed yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure I can bloat up my Twitter feed too if given the chance. If for some reason, you hate children, moms and cats, you can proceed over to Jen and the rest of the Quick Take crew for some posts that go down smoother.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Loved the insta-picture stream! I laughed out loud at the first one–what every grown woman does when no one else is around, takes self-portraits?? I’ve often thought to myself–shallow list of reasons to get married: built in photographer so I can put pictures of myself on my blog (that one is at the top).
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow!! I love love love your shameless posing, sans make-up, no less! You are my new hero!!!! Absolutely adorable post, thanks for giving me my first laugh-out loud moment of the day!!!

  3. Hilarious! I think I should keep resisting Instagram so I don’t become one of your cliches!

  4. OMG I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard over a 7QT post. If I had an iPhone I would totally take pictures of my rando snacks. I’m glad I found you through the WIWS link-up!

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