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{SQT} Fall Fashion Forecast For Homeschoolers

It’s homeschool fashion week in New York! All the latest and greatest homeschool designers are debuting their looks for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. As someone who always aspires to be on the cutting edge of homeschool fashion, I follow BTHS fashion week closely. Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to reuse a few pieces already in my closet, and even keep the kids looking sharp on our tight budget.

Let’s check out seven trends you’ll want to try this year!

1. The distressed denim jumper. Sure, denim jumpers are a staple in any homeschool mom’s closet but this year, you can wear the one with holes and stains with pride because that ‘lived in’ look is all the rage! Afraid your jumper might not be distressed enough? Try introducing scissors to your toddler or undertaking a chemistry project with your middle schooler. Soon enough, they’ll be holes and stains aplenty and your friends will be asking to know where you scored your jumper!

2. Footed pajamas. Mainstream fashion has embraced the romper in recent years as a fun, sexy outfit for women, and unfortunately men. But we homeschooling moms are more practical, that’s why when it comes to one piece fashion, we turn to footed pajamas! Not only do they transition seamlessly from day to evening wear, but the bold patterns hide a multitude of stains. Many designers are also adding hoods making bad hair days a thing of the past! Plus, if you’ve considered implementing uniforms in your homeschool, using footed pajamas as your mainstay guarantees compliance and less sass mouth. Why force your kids to wear khakis and polo shirts when everyone can wear matching footed pajamas?!


3. I’ve also noticed many of the models on the runway had a shiny, otherworldly glow about their faces. When pressed for what product they’d been using they suggested skipping the commercial, chemical laden moisturizer in favor of the more natural practice of washing one’s face with your own tears and the sweat from your brow. Just watch the years melt away as you help your teenager tackle Pre-Algebra!

4. Chokers. All the youngsters today are wearing jewelry circa a 1995 Delia’s catalogue. To help keep kids in line, while helping moms look their best, designers are pairing chokers with a copy of ‘In A Dark, Dark Room’. Moms are encouraged to start wearing a choker at all times, reading the story of Jenny nightly, while threatening daily to ‘literally lose their head’ if a child steps out of line. “Don’t make me take off this ribbon! Do you want to pick your mother’s head up off the floor? Do you want to be responsible for cooking and educating this family?!”

Click the picture if you don’t get the story reference. Language warning.

5. Goodbye messy buns, hello matted rats nest. ‘I’ve stopped caring about my hair’ is now an actual look you can be proud of! Thank goodness designers have come to appreciate, and celebrate, the natural beauty of hair hidden under days, or weeks of apathy and sticky hands. Plus, no more couponing for conditioner! That’s five more minutes of my life I can have back to drink wine and forget about my hair!

#6 The ‘I just rolled out of bed after breastfeeding all night’ look.

Also, how your child dresses himself/ herself for Mass is also now a high fashion look by the same designer.  We no longer need to apologize for having a family that dresses the way it does! Homeschool fashion designers are making the homeschool lifestyle not only more acceptable to the mainstream, but downright fashionable!

#7 What are you wearing this fall? Maybe some grunge pieces? Dark eye circles and angst pair naturally with plaid!

Link up your takes below and be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!




  1. hilarious! homeschooling or not — my children and I can totally rock these looks (or we already do??) who designed those clothes with asymmetric collar/shoulders and mismatched pants???

  2. I saw the first picture and thought oh darn, Bloglovin is giving me those awful fashion posts again when I just want my favorite blogs. And then I saw that it was your blog, Kelly! And oh my goodness, the bellylaughs!!!

    As always, somebody will need to explain High Fashion to me, especially the picture of little Miss Marie Antoinette. I understand why they put dyed and puffed hair on their heads. I even understand why they draw their eye makeup on with Sharpies. But what’s with the freckled/poxridden lip?

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