{SQT} Family Togetherness at Home and at the Shore

We had a short but blessedly full stay at the beach since my last post. We came home to an empty fridge, an empty pantry and a new month. Where is this summer going??? Thankfully, I still have a month until school starts, even for those taking a few community college classes. I feel like now, finally, I will get to enjoy a few “lazy summer days” ….and then the boys come driving through the house loudly demanding to be entertained and I wonder if I’ll ever change out of my pajamas or shower again.

I saw a tweet or meme or something recently that said: “Adulthood is saying, ‘If I can just get through this week, things will slow down.’ over and over until you die.” This is now my motto for 2019.

Highlights of the beach trip were strengthening my upper back by navigating Fulton’s beach chair in the rough surf and accidentally allowing my children to fill a bag with approximately 2,492 lbs of salt water taffy. It’s the first time a bag of taffy has lasted us more than two days. I also tried a fabulous poke bowl from a new Korean place and Tony and I ate the best dessert crepe (next to one of his) after putting the boys to bed. So, 99% of the trip was me savoring food I didn’t need to cook which made it 100% more delicious. Also- cocktail flavored gummy bears.

It was a bit tight, but they snuggled up close for the trip to the water’s edge.

Fulton and Teddy also enjoyed trying out a couple virtual reality experiences on the boardwalk. We’ve moved beyond trying to squeeze or carry the boys onto the regular boardwalk rides, so we were excited when it worked to transfer the boys into the VR pods and allow them the opportunity to go on a dinosaur adventure and motorcycle chase.

He loudly narrated both adventures so it was like I was right there too (minus the headgear).

Once home, my cousin’s son came to stay with us for a week (an ongoing summer tradition), so the fun family togetherness continues! Board games, bowling, and creative deep fried foods- oh my!

Fulton wanted his bowling name to be ‘King Fulton’ but all that displayed was ‘King Fu’ so we proceeded to call him ‘King F-U’ for the duration of the game. He was a top scorer for both games. Take that SMA!

It’s SMA Awareness Month. Check out the ‘SMA Page’ to become aware and let me know if you have any questions you’d like answered or any other post ideas. I was thinking about doing another ‘day in the life’ type write up since things have changed a bunch since the last time I did one. Anyone want to read that?? It’s also ‘Special Needs Parents’ something Month so any thing you’d like to ask me in that regard?? Presently, I’m feeling pretty burnt out on writing but I enjoy responding to a specific requests, so let me know what you’d like to read.

Now it’s your turn! Link up your posts and be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts! (And if anyone notices that Jenny from UnRemarkable Files is not linked up within 24 hours, make sure to stop by her site and ask if she’s been kidnapped.)

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  1. I’d be interested in how friends can help families with kids who have disabilities. So many times I want to help, but don;t know what to do. I know every family and circumstance is different, but any ideas would be helpful.

  2. First time commenting!!! Love the hair! It’s sooooo saucy.
    Lord, make me brave enough to free myself from my locks of graying sweat inducing hair!
    BTW, love your blog too. You are one amazing Catholic wife and mom.

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