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Seven Quick Takes / Friday, May 22nd, 2015

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I’m a pretty busy gal, but I always enjoy reading through everyone’s takes week after week. Admittedly, I can’t read all the takes, every week, but I do read a bunch and occasionally I’ll leave a wordy comment that includes an abundance of caps, italics and quotation marks. (Since I can’t use hand gestures when I write online, I’ve learned to make do.)

This week, seven of my favorite Quick Takes posts from the previous week’s link up.

1. I just found all of Jenny’s takes hilarious and very relatable this week. 

While I was sweeping up the mid-sized mountain of food on the floor after dinner last night, my 3-year-old came over with her plastic toy cell phone and started pressing the button that makes camera noises.

I asked what she was doing and she answered, “Taking pictures of the mess for my blog” and continued snapping away.

I fear for how this blog might be molding her young brain.

2. Having just made a quick trip to NYC, I enjoyed Grace’s takes on meeting celebrities (which has never happened to me while in the Big Apple), pet obsessions,  and what Upstate NY means to residents of NYC vs people who actually live in Upstate New York (which was me for three bitterly cold years immediately following college.) Plus a great safari story.

A year ago March I went on a real safari in South Africa.  The kind in which you sign a waiver in case you get eaten alive walking about camp, and ride out at unholy hours of the morning in an uncovered jeep to spot rhinoceros and hippos and lions and such.  It was incredible…

3. It’s been almost a year since I finished my 35K4SMA and I don’t miss running at. all. Seven races did nothing to whet my appetite for repeatedly banging my feet into the ground. I’m content now to walk; alone, with my husband, with the kids, on the boardwalk, at the track. So long as at least one foot is on the ground at all times and I’m not too sweaty. However, if you’re thinking about taking up running, Lisette has some great takes. I second her recommendations to try a Couch to 5K app and to incorporate prayer into your run.

 Initially, I started praying when I was looking up a big hill, praying a decade of the rosary to get me to the top! Towards the end of the C25k, I found that jogging was a good way to incorporate prayer into my routine. Now, I often pray a whole rosary during my jog. And I offer up any suffering! Its also a good way just to get some head space and think about any ideas / problems or figure out what’s for dinner!

4. Spring picture books of all kinds! Mary has you covered! With a twaddle free guarantee. (From me, not her, so don’t go bugging her for your money back if you don’t like something.)

When our oldest had not yet started preschool, I started a home library. I turned to homeschooling bloggers for lists of books that would be beautiful, informative, and interesting both for the reader and the child. I found a treasure trove of resources. The more blog posts I read, the more I learned about the importance of reading books to young children that were meaty. I had come up empty-handed too many times when we would take trips to our local library. I had no idea where to begin and so I would just allow the children to start grabbing what looked interesting to them. Nine times out of ten, the books that were attractive to the children were full of fluff and nonsense. So, to help you moms out there who may be feeling the same way about the junk you’re finding at your public library, I have compiled a list of all our favorite books having to do with spring.

5. Have some time to kill? Looking for something funny, yet more intellectual than a typical Buzzfeed list? Try a Google Patent Search. Ronni found seven funny inventions, and I challenge you to do the same.

6. & 7. (Plus a bonus!)  It’s spring and love is in the air and it’s infected the realm of Quick Takes! Rounding out my list, with three bloggers sharing tips for those times when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.

Who reading this isn’t tired? Making time for your spouse when you’re exhausted can be hard. Tacy offers up a reminder to keep on keeping on, and tips for how to do so when your brain is mush. 

Recently, my husband turned to me and said, “I’m really glad you run the dishwasher every night. It is so nice to wake up to clean dishes everyday.” For a while, I ran it inconsistently, such as after breakfast when we had enough dishes to fill it up. Now, even if there is some extra space (there usually isn’t!), I just run it after dinner. Stephen noticed- and said something about it.  It’s the little things, that- when noticed- become a soft spot for me. When I notice that he is working really hard on his studies, or in the yard, or does overtime for work, I tell him I’m proud of him. I can tell I’m not alone when I say that to feel appreciated? It improves the love and chemistry between us. Especially when I’m tired.

Kristen has seven at home date nights! And while I usually like to get out of my house (since that’s where all my children live) sometimes, it’s nice to send them elsewhere and just spend time at home with the hubs. My fav suggestion; (if you substitute cider or wine for beer…and maybe make it cheese instead of pretzels…but you get the idea!)

Beer tasting + homemade pretzels. Pick up 6 different beers from your local grocery store (preferably fun ones neither of you have had before). Taste them and try to guess their flavors before revealing what kind it is? Enjoy some pretzels too. You could even mimic Old Chicago’s World Beer Tour and keep track of all the different places the beer was brewed. See how many different places you could map in a year.

Happy Anniversary Ellen and thanks for these great mushy quotes on love and marriage! I’ll be bookmarking these for our next anniversary. Finally I’ll be able to write something in Tony’s card besides, “I love you and I still think you’re hot. xo”

“Intense love does not measure; it just gives.” (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta) This quote so perfectly illustrates the sacrificial love of marriage and, indeed, of any relationship. I see this illustrated every day when my husband goes above and beyond to sacrifice for our family. I try to live this quote: every morning I wake up and think, “What can I do to make my husband’s life easier today?”

Did you have any favorite reads this week? Link ’em up! And don’t forget to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Seven Quick Takes. As always, I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for the shout out! This is becoming my favorite link-up. So many funny and interesting people to discover and follow. I have been loving your blog lately, by the way.

  2. Oh my! I hadn’t even gotten around to doing a 7QT this week and I only just now today had a minute to check in for some quick blog reads. Wow, I’m honored to have been listed as one of your Favorite 7 from last week!! Now on to seeing what’s going on with everyone else! 🙂

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