{SQT} Filling In the Margins Of May

Thank you for your patience with my Takes, or lack there of. I’ve gotten out of the habit of jotting down ideas for Takes during the week as they hit me, so lately when I reach Thursday night, I’m wracking my brain for ideas. Our days follow a pretty set routine at this point, but with plenty of last minute appointments / unforeseen tasks eating up the margins. Now that I’ve got two weeks to pull ideas from, I should be set for a true SEVEN Quick Takes post.

For example, after fighting and winning the right to keep 12 hours of nursing care for Fulton only six months ago. I am back at it, trying to convince the insurance company that Fulton still needs 12 hours of nursing care. I just learned they upheld their decision after my first round appeal, so onto round two we go. Their rationale for trying to reduce our hours again? Fulton’s been healthy, and not had any ER visits in the last year, so he probably doesn’t need all those nursing hours.

My husband took a day off work recently and we all went to the beach. Teddy and Fulton were disappointed we wouldn’t let them get in the water, but otherwise it was a great day – even relaxing in some ways! I especially enjoyed wandering the jetty and checking out the tide pools (which the lifeguards won’t let you do during the summer).

And although Ocean City is using hawks to keep sea gulls from attacking people on the boardwalk, the birds are as brazen as ever on the beach and once they realized we were eating pizza and fries they almost took a couple slices right from our hands. But we saw dolphins! And ate ice cream! And played at the arcade! So no complaints.

We didn’t have a new beach chair for this trip, but it did help us decide to NOT purchase another Mobi-Chair (the one size fits all chair is the best in the water but not the most comfortable for long term sitting) and we’re not going to try to modify an existing medical stroller (also not comfortable/ supportive enough as the boys have gotten bigger). It’s helped us narrow our choices and I look forward to sharing what we decide on later in the summer.

In super happy exciting news THE BOYS ARE GOING TO SUMMER CAMP!!!

This is despite the fact that MDA cancelled all their camps for the second summer in a row. It took some hunting (many other camps are also closed, running only day camps, or are too danged expensive) but I found a camp in Florida that will except both boys. So not only do Fulton and Teddy get to go to camp, but Tony and I have rented an AirBnB and will get a vacation in Florida for ourselves. Obviously, to make this work requires a long drive, but a week of respite was something I desperately wanted to make work. If you remember, two years ago, Fulton got sick at camp and had to come home after only a few days, and then wound up in the hospital. Last year of course there was no camp. As much as I’d like to say, “It’s okay, I’m fine waiting another year for camp.” I was pretty upset about it (probably more so than Fulton and Teddy honestly). Thankfully, this camp is affordable, as is our rental. It means no large family vacation this summer but the older three are pretty excited about a week of freedom too. (And it still allows us to sock a good bit away for next year’s vacation.) Once we reach the end of the school year, I think Teddy is going to have me make a “Days Until Florida” count down board again. As an added bonus, we’ll get to revisit Give Kids the World Village before coming home, and we’re staying at the iconic South of the Border on the way to and from Florida.

When I’m not filling out insurance or camp paperwork, I’m working on my application for the second round of the OSV Challenge. My online apostolate, Accepting the Gift, was one of the 160 or so (I think?) entries accepted into the second round out of close to 600 submissions! It’s been really hard trying to grow Accepting the Gift, given my time constraints and those of my volunteers (all special needs parents), but this challenge is helping me really outline my goals and will hopefully connect me with other people who can help me learn how to turn my online idea into a well-known and valuable resource for Catholic special needs parents around the country (and maybe someday the world!). Your prayer of support are always appreciated.

Oh yes, and the foster care process moves forward as well. We did our homestudy interviews (four hours worth!) and we’re tying up lose ends (vaccines for the cats, getting well visits for the few kids I forgot about-whoops!) and making a few changes to the house; mostly related to child-proofing. At this point, given all the delays related to COVID, I still think our first placement is still a few months away, but it’s getting closer! I think we’re all excited to welcome a new child into our home.

Lastly, a couple promos. I gave a talk yesterday as part of this event:

You can still join, enjoy the rest of the talks, and purchase access to my talk if you so desire. It’s three days designed to uplift and inspire, and this organization host regular events so if you like it, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy future conferences as well.

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  1. That is SO neat about the camp!!!! In case you haven’t been before- South of the Border is fairly lackluster… rundown.
    Have a wonderful trip and summer!

    1. Honestly that’s fine. It’s just a convenient midway stopping point for us. There is a reptile lagoon the boys would like to see, but otherwise, I’m just hoping for a few good photo ops and a good nights sleep!! 🙂

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