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Happy Easter Friday! Enjoy some meat! 

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday. The kids woke up and immediately gorged themselves on candy (and maybe I did too). We attended Mass, came home and ate some appetizers including the amazing crab rangoon dip from Aldi’s (definently snag some if you see it). We wound up with a 10 lb leg of lamb -our largest ever, because we waited until the last minute to order from the butcher and I guess that’s all they had left. We ate at 5 p.m., after calls with the grandparents, and one of Addie’s friends joined us. Then we watched the seasonally appropriate Godzilla vs King Kong. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there’s a resurrection moment in there, plus an overall message of good defeating evil so, #theologicalwin. We took an intermission to enjoy Tony’s homemade ricotta pie and cannoli.

Just ignore Teddy’s face. He’s not choking to death and this is the best photo of the bunch.

Full menu:

  • lamb with brandy infused gravy
  • mashed potatoes
  • oven roasted green beans with mushrooms
  • creamed corn casserole
  • Arancini de Riso ( a traditional Sicilian rice ball that we bought at the local Italian market to try)
  • spring greens salad with apples, pecans, cranberries and homemade dressing
  • three fruit salad
  • fresh bread

Monday I took a meal to a family who’s infant son finally came home from the hospital after many months. I always overthink taking a meal to a family. Like, I cannot miss any of the food groups (unless they’re vegans or something) and at least one item needs to be homemade. I feed these people better than my own kids most times. I cooked up some homemade cream of tomato soup and cheese quesadillas, plus I threw in a bagged salad mix, fresh fruit, and some of Tony’s cannoli. It sounded kid friendly at the time!!! But I was second guessing myself the whole time I was cooking it. What are your favorite meals to make and take? I need some ideas for when I’m clueless and people need a hot meal. (And say some prayers for my friends as they and their son still have a long road ahead of them.)

I finished watching Schitt’s Creek and resumed watching whatever Wes Anderson movie happens to be free on prime. We’ve all watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs, but on my own I’ve watched Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m currently on The Darjeeling Limited.

I really like Anderson’s story telling and visual aesthetic. So often I feel like I’d rather just read a book, or that while a movie may be entertaining, it’s not really telling a compelling story. But with Anderson’s films, I feel like something would be lost in reading the same story, or watching the movies under someone else’s direction. The movies also leave me thinking about them long after, if just to try to understand their weird or cringe-y scenes. If my book, or blog, ever get turned into a movie, I think it deserves a Wes Anderson treatment. I want Bill Murray to play me, but maybe that’s asking too much. 

Teddy convinced me to check out Cardboard Box Engineering from the library on our last visit, even though I knew it would inevitably place a new project on my to-do list. I’d succeeded in putting off creating something during our Easter break, but finally caved yesterday and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he and Fulton selected an easy to construct paddle boat. But then I discovered we didn’t have any of the proper cartons that the craft required so Teddy’s second choice was a complicated replica of a Skee Ball game. I’m a fan of Skee Ball on the Ocean City boardwalk, where I can still play it for just 10 cents. Not so much a fan of constructing it out of cardboard dug from the bottom of my garage’s recycling bin. It turned out pretty good, but Teddy was quick to point out all the things that didn’t quite work, like how if you throw the marble really hard into the 50 point hole, it rolls down the 10 point chute. While I’m reassured by the fact that Teddy will make a great supervisor one day, I’d like someone to please hug me and tell me I did a good job. 

Here’s Teddy being disappointed in me.

I’m reading Anne Bogel (of Modern Mrs. Darcy)’s book Reading People. It’s all about personality quizzes and gaining insight into ourselves and I’m eating it up and yes children, you’re all taking a bunch of quizzes when I’m done!!! We’re no longer going by our Hogwarts houses!!!

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That’s all from me! How was your week? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. I used to really struggle with bringing meals to people because I totally over thought it and stressed out. Since then, I have changed to a policy that I look at what I have planned for the next week and determine which of those meals sounds the easiest and most appropriate meal to bring to someone and pick only from those options. It’s really helped me be better about bringing people meals instead of procrastinating.

  2. Bringing a meal is tough. Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, some sides (also store bought) and homemade cookies. Boom. Done.

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