{SQT} Football, NFP, and Summer Fun

Let’s see if I get these posted at midnight.

Atlantic City started an arena football team this year. I was excited when I first heard the news, but unfortunately, most of their games fell on dates we already had a million other commitments (camp, parties, etc.) Thankfully, we were able to attend their final game of the season on Sunday. They lost in the last couple minutes, in what had been a very close and penalty riddled game. Tony and I enjoyed the game, Fulton and Teddy seemed to once we got them food, and the girls politely came along for this fun family activity that they didn’t understand at all. Handicap seating was great, and we even scored a couple free XL t-shirts I might be able to sew into sleeping bags for the boys.

Is it NFP Awareness Week or something now…soon? I don’t have any new thoughts, but to read my old thoughts check out these posts in the archive:

Plus here’s the interview I did recently with Jenny at CNA in which I talk about how practicing NFP- even when it’s hard, and it sucks, and you’re mad about it, but you know The Church is right and you don’t want to commit a mortal sin – will bless your marriage. In short, when you do the right thing, it doesn’t mean your cross goes away, but as a couple you become stronger and you can bear the cross with more grace. You no longer see it as a punishment or something to be mad about, just something you’re carrying together.

Even though I feel like I lack a steady summer routine, I’m already working on fall planning; for school and as a scout leader again (after a break of several years). Our basement is still in the midst of renovations so I can’t access any of my school books, but I think I know what I’m doing my third go round with 8th grade, and I’m pretty sure I remember what high school texts we have on hand so here’s hoping we finish the basement library soon and I don’t get any rude surprises come September.

Byron came back from camp yesterday. Teddy had been complaining about how BORING things are around here without Byron so there was much cheering and hugging upon his arrival home. I always enjoy listening to him talk about his camp (which is boys only) and contrasting it to Addie’s (all girl) camp stories. You’ll be surprised to know they are NOT AT ALL SIMILAR, except for the fact that there is a strong need for showers and lots of laundry to be washed afterwards.

We’re heading to the beach later today for a long weekend. It’s actually our first trip this summer. I’m looking forward to some sun and surf and late night snacks on the boardwalk after the kids are in bed. I’m reading a collection of M.F.K. Fisher works and I’m hoping the lack of reliable wi-fi and household chores will mean I make significant progress. I don’t expect to actually relax on the beach and read (HAHAHAHA…[wipes tear from eye]), but maybe in those brief peaceful moments when I let the kids watch TV after cleaning up from the beach because I want to read.

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