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Who else is swimming in humidity!? I love it! I can’t believe that May is almost over and I haven’t snuck away to the beach yet. Darned extra curriculars!

1. I’ve been scrambling to plan out all the details of our girls camps for next weekend, which rates somewhere between letting my toddler comb my hair after driving with the windows down and swallowing lava. I love camping. I love the program for the girls. I just find the task of planning a weekend for a gaggle of 8 to 12 year olds somewhat difficult. It’s an oversized sleep over…and you know how I feel about those. 

2. However, if you love camping and scouting and spending time in the woods screaming at other peoples kids, check out my Pinterest board.

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3. I also got the Fulton’s packing list for camp. Yes, Fulton my almost seven year old is going to MDA camp in TWO WEEKS!!!! And he’s sleeping over FOR A WEEK!!! If you need me, I’ll be doing one of the following;

  • sitting on the couch, staring off into space clutching a cell phone in my sweaty fist
  • not eating
  • eating everything
  • lurking along the perimeter of the campground with a pair of binoculars
  • lying in bed drinking a glass of my tears

Honestly, I’m not sure how I’ll function while he’s away. He’s NEVER been away overnight ANYWHERE. Of course, Fulton is excited and shows only minor hesitation about being torn from my bosom. And I don’t know what Teddy will do with himself except try to do the damage of two wheelchairs all by himself for a week.

4. Maybe you’re wondering how you can support this great organization in their work to tear special needs children from the arms of the only people who know how to do everything just the right way. (I will lay awake at night wondering if Fulton’s counselor has correctly positioned Fulton’s stuffed monkey between his arms.) Well, I’m glad you asked because I know just the thing! Buy a t-shirt!

MDA camp t-shirts
This is only a TINY sampling of the styles and designs! Click to see them all!

5. The Muscular Dystrophy Association has run summer camps for kids with neuromuscular disorders for 60 years! And camp for kids like Fulton is absolutely FREE. He gets his own counselor, a bunk in an air conditioned cabin with an accessible bathroom at a completely accessible campground. The support staff includes nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapist, and tons of wonderful volunteers. There is so much that Fulton, and Teddy, can’t do. Period. But thanks to the MDA, they’ll get to experience summer camp in all it’s glory: swimming, games, campfires, crafts, and so much more. I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t feel some hesitation in turing over Fulton’s care to someone else, but for 60 years the MDA has proved itself when it comes to giving kids like mine an amazing summer experience most healthy kids take for granted. Please consider  supporting them by purchasing one of these awesome t-shirts.  You only have until Monday!!

6. Or take it a step further and volunteer! I know our local camp still needs male counselors. The MDA also accepts donations of items like juice boxes, sunscreen, snacks for their camp. Find your local office and see what you can do to help! On behalf of all parents of children with neuromuscular disorders; THANK YOU!

7. Did you go to summer camp growing up? I went a week every year from first through ninth grade. I would’ve been a counselor, but I didn’t want to give up a week at the beach. I can’t think of any good camp stories…that  I want to share on the blog. Maybe when the kids are older. Pick up the slack and share your own stories in the comments or add a camping take to your list!

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  1. Church camp in 1990; Girl Scout camps in 1991, 1992, 1994-1996, and was a counselor at my favorite one in 1998. I’ve also volunteered for a church camp run by an inner city ministry and I’ve gone to camp with Jon while he was being one of the camp pastors for the week in 2007.

  2. First time linking up with you. I found you through Jenny @ Unremarkable Files. I think SQT is a great way to reflect on the week. Thanks for starting and hosting this link up!

  3. That is so awesome that there is a camp like that for him! I spent two summers working at a Catholic summer camp during college (The Pines), which was a great experience. My kids haven’t gone to any yet. They are so expensive, and I’ve worried that a couple of the kids would have a hard time being away that long. But maybe one day! They’re definitely starting to show interest.

  4. The first year my daughter went to diabetes camp, I cried for days. That was also the first year she was diagnosed with it. I was scared for her, and scared she was safer there than she was at home. In the end, it was the best thing we could have done for her. We make a point to eat everything she doesn’t like while she’s gone. The first year, her sister missed her. So, we made a paper plate big sister and took pics with it everywhere. Like Flat Stanley. Hope he has a great time at camp!

  5. I must have some lingering pregnancy hormones circulating because I seriously got teary eyed reading this. Camp is SO MUCH FUN and that is so awesome he is able to go!!

  6. I have never been to camp. But don’t feel sorry for me. I think I would have hated it…unless it was a camp for introverts where you get your own cabin in the woods, your own lake to swim in, and a pile of books to read.
    It just warms my heart that there is a place like this camp for your son! Off to check out those t-shirts….

  7. Kelly, my son has gone to MDA camp for several years. This year will be his last (too old). It is so amazing. He has fished, ridden a zip line (!), built a book shelf, swum, gone horseback riding, gone inner tubing, and more. They will make it possible for him to do any camp activity he wants. He loves floor hockey the most. He has had the same counselor each year. The counselors generously give a week of their time. I’m pretty sure my son’s counselor works for a company that supports MDA and it does not count against his vacation time. Corporate sponsors are very generous and the fire departments come out to let the kids explore their rigs and have fun. During the week he is at camp the local company that services wheelchairs around here comes to camp and checks out their chairs free of charge and performs repairs and schedules future needed repairs. The facilities are impressive. It looks like a regular camp until you look more closely and notice the concrete paths connecting buildings, no steps, everything is wheelchair accessible. The dock is wheelchair accessible. The pontoon boat is wheelchair accessible. I cannot say enough positive things about MDA camp. It is such a blessing for the kids and their families.

  8. I’m so happy for Fulton, but I would be crying my eyes out, too. Is there any way to donate items directly to his camp or find out what they need? There doesn’t seem to be an office anywhere near me but I’d like to help. Thanks.

  9. Hi Kelly BFF, LOLOLOL on #3. My kids go to summer camp for the first time, too so thank you so much for giving me ideas on lurking around with binoculars. Seriously, I have been having mini anxiety thoughts and considering dis-enrolling them. But so relieved I’m just acting normal-crazy mama behavior.

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